Roof Replacement: 4 Reasons Proper Ventilation Matters

Ventilation may not be the first item you think about when buying a new roof, but it should be a high priority. It can affect your new roofing system’s durability and longevity as well as your comfort and health.

Roof Replacement: 4 Reasons Proper Ventilation Matters

Today, Wabo Roofing Systems explains why proper ventilation matters in roof replacement:

  1. It Keeps Shingles From Wearing Out Fast

Adequate roof ventilation prevents heat buildup in the attic, which reduces the chances of premature shingle damage. The intense heat can cause asphalt shingle blistering, forcing trapped moisture to come out and dislodging the granules. The affected areas become more prone to the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Furthermore, a poorly ventilated roof turns the attic into a furnace. Any experienced roofer will attest that constantly high temperatures can accelerate shingle deterioration. Before you know it, most of the “outer shell” of your roof has curled and become overly susceptible to wind uplift.

  1. It Contributes to Energy Efficiency

Having a properly ventilated roofing system makes it easier to cool your living spaces. In turn, your HVAC system can run more efficiently. If you want to regulate your indoor climate while economizing on energy during the hottest months, give your roof a balanced ventilation system.

  1. It Inhibits Condensation on Sheathing

During winter when your home interior is usually colder than the outside environment, you might experience severe cases of condensation in the attic. If your roof boards are made from wood, condensation concerns can lead to rot. The moment your sheathing becomes too weak, it might drop or even collapse.

  1. It Averts Mold Infestation

Condensation doesn’t only increase the frequency of roof repair jobs; it can also set the stage for mold growth. A shaded, damp environment full of cellulosic materials, such as lumber and paper, offers the best condition for mold to proliferate. Its colonies can invade the rest of your home faster than you think, putting your loved ones at risk of allergies and respiratory problems.

Let Wabo Roofing Systems help you pick the right attic ventilation system to complement your new roof. Call us at (832) 304-2800 now to schedule your FREE inspection in Cypress, Houston or any nearby Texas community.

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