Do You Handle Roof Skylight Condensation Issues?

When water vapour cools down, it turns into droplets of water and this process is known as condensation. This is a natural process that may also occur in the skylight of a roof. When ignored, condensation on the skylight can cause problems to the roof and the building. You can rely on WABO Roofing to take care of any condensation problems that you may have spotted on your skylight. We fix all signs of damage and solve the condensation issue efficiently. Here is what you need to know about condensation on skylight.

What is the Reason for Condensation on Skylight?

What is the Reason for Condensation on Skylight

The most common cause of skylight condensation is when warm, humid air rises to the roof and comes in contact with the colder glass surface that is affected by outside temperature and weather. Moreover, condensation may develop on surfaces other than the glass pane of the skylight.

As we know, condensation is the process of water vapour converting to liquid. So, when pockets of air are saturated with moisture, it takes the form of water droplets. Condensation can be easily identified by the misty effect that is formed on the interior glass pane of the skylight.

Most times, it is because of us that the atmosphere has a lot of water vapor, which takes the form of water droplets on the skylight. Our daily chores around the house, such as cooking, cleaning, showering (for bathing room skylight condensation), sweating, etc., all contribute to humidity in the atmosphere within our homes. However, the main reasons for condensation on skylights are as follows-

Difference in Temperature – Skylights are often colder than the surrounding air, especially during colder seasons. When warm, moist air of the home (interior) comes into contact with the cooler surface of the skylight, condensation forms.

Humidity Levels – High humidity levels indoors can contribute to condensation on skylights, especially when there is inadequate ventilation to remove excess moisture from the air.

Inadequate Insulation – Poor insulation around skylights can lead to temperature variations between the exterior and interior surfaces, which leads to condensation formation.

Inadequate Insulation

Air Leakage – Air leaks around skylights can allow warm, moisture-laden air from inside the building to come into contact with the cooler surface of the skylight, which may cause condensation.

Poor Ventilation – Insufficient ventilation in the attic or roof space can trap moisture, which may condense on skylights when it comes into contact with the colder surface.

Signs of Condensation

Water droplet formation – When you see the formation of water droplets on the skylight, it means that condensation has been forming on the inner side of the skylight. It occurs when warm, moisture-laden air comes into contact with the cooler surface of the skylight, causing the moisture in the air to condense into water droplets.

Moisture pooling or dripping – When you see a pool of water dripping from the skylight onto surrounding surfaces, it means that excess condensation has caused water to pool or drip from the skylight. This usually happens when the skylight does not have adequate drainage or if the condensation exceeds the capacity of any drainage system.

Water stains or discoloration – Condensation can have some damaging effects, too. It can discolour or stain the ceiling or walls adjacent to the skylight. Water stains or discoloration on nearby surfaces is common with condensation as the moisture seeps into the surrounding materials.

Fogging or clouding of the skylight’s glass or acrylic surface – Condensation can cause fogging or clouding on the skylight’s surface, spoiling visibility and potentially reducing the amount of natural light that enters your home.

Mould or mildew growth – Excessive moisture from condensation can develop a favourable environment for mould and mildew growth on surrounding surfaces. This not only poses health risks but also indicates ongoing moisture issues that need to be addressed to prevent further damage.

In Which Months does condensation Happen?

Condensation on skylights generally happens during the colder months of the year when there is a greater temperature difference between the warm, moisture-laden indoor air and the cooler outdoor air. This temperature difference causes moisture in the indoor air to condense on the colder surface of the skylight and causes condensation. Therefore, condensation is most likely to happen during fall, winter, and early spring when indoor heating is used to maintain comfortable temperatures indoors.

How WABO Roofing Fixes Condensation Problems?

How WABO Roofing Fixes Condensation Problems

We may employ various strategies to fix condensation problems on skylights. Some common approaches include:

Improving Ventilation – Enhancing attic ventilation helps to regulate the humidity and temperature levels inside the attic space. It reduces the possibility of condensation build-up on skylights.

Installing Vapor Barriers – Vapour barriers are installed on the warm side of the attic insulation to stop moisture from entering the attic space and reaching the underside of the skylight.

Adding Insulation – Increasing insulation levels in the attic aids to maintain consistent temperatures and reduces the risk of condensation forming on skylights.

Sealing Air Leaks – We identify and seal any air leaks in the attic, such as around ducts, chimneys, and light fixtures. This prevents warm, moist air from infiltrating the attic and causing condensation.

Using Low-E Coatings – We apply low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings to skylight glazing, which helps to reduce heat transfer and minimize temperature differentials that contribute to condensation.

Installing Skylight Condensation Pans – Condensation pans can be installed beneath skylights to collect any moisture that forms and prevent it from leaking into the home.

Call Professional Roofing Contractors

Call Professional Roofing Contractors

At WABO Roofing, we specialize in resolving skylight condensation issues and addressing any other roofing concerns you may have. With our expertise and experience, we can diagnose the root cause of condensation and implement effective solutions to mitigate the problem. Additionally, our skilled team is equipped to handle various roofing issues – from leaks to repairs, ensuring that your home is protected and secure. Trust WABO Roofing for comprehensive solutions and peace of mind for all your roofing needs.

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