Terrific Traits of the Most Popular Siding Materials

The great thing about buying new exterior cladding these days is the abundance of material choices. Although no option is without downsides, you can find the one that offers the best trade-off among the qualities you want if you search hard enough.

Terrific Traits of the Most Popular Siding Materials

At Wabo Roofing Systems, we take pride in specializing in many of the most sought-after siding materials on the market. Today, we expound on the most attractive traits of some of them:


Currently the most popular siding option in the industry, vinyl dominates because of its affordability. Despite its economical price, durability is also its claim to fame. Resistant to moisture and impervious to bugs, it’s immune to decay and insect damage. Although it’s a kind of plastic, it’s incredibly tough.

Insulated Vinyl

Slightly costlier than traditional vinyl, the addition of insulation makes this option worth the extra cost. Actually, any self-respecting siding and roof construction company considers it the most energy-efficient material available. On top of providing the advantages of ordinary vinyl, it can raise the R-value of your exterior walls by 2 to 5.5.

Fiber Cement

A mixture of cellulose, sand and cement, fiber cement is one of the structurally gifted siding materials you can buy. It can stay unscathed upon impact, resists fire and expands and contracts little with extreme changes in temperature. As a result, it can preserve its solid construction under torturous conditions.


If you want to achieve architectural authenticity, and you don’t mind paying a bit more for increased curb appeal, cedar is for you. While it’s paintable, its natural charm makes it an absolute head-turner. It’s also relatively easy to install, allowing you to save on labor and avoid too much disruption. Most importantly, it’s renewable and recyclable. Its exceptional sustainability allows it to cause the least impact on the environment.

Whatever material you choose, Wabo Roofing Systems recommends installing new siding and replacement windows at the same time. In addition to reducing your overall costs, rolling these two improvements into one can give your home exterior a stunning makeover.

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