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Houston’s #1 Contractor for New Construction

If you’re having a new home or building constructed, it’s imperative that it is built in accordance with the design that you and your designers and architects took months to develop. And if you’re like most property owner, you want to achieve perfection.

As the top roofing and construction contractor in the Greater Houston Area, we’ve built our name on perfection. At WABO Roofing, we make sure that every single detail of the design is followed. Moreover, we ensure that every task is completed in compliance with acceptable standards in the construction industry.

Premium Quality Roofs

As primarily a roofing company, we take pride in constructing premium quality roofs in Houston, Tx and all the rest of areas we operate. The roofs we build are guaranteed to reach and even exceed their lifespan.

Our secret to building premium quality roofs is our dedication to superior quality. All of our roofers are not only highly qualified but also have years, even decades of experience among them. Our roofers are experts in their field and are fully capable of providing the best roofing services in our areas of operation.

Aside from having the best roofers in Houston,TX, we also work with high quality roofing materials. We know that our reputation relies heavily on the quality of materials we use, thus we only work with the best. This way, our clients are guaranteed that their roofs were made using superior quality materials.

Other Home Improvement Services We Offer

WABO Roofing, although a well-known roofing company, also offers other new construction services other than roofs. We are also adept in the following aspects of building and construction:

We also offer interior construction services, such as:

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If you’re looking to build a new home or building that meets or exceeds your expectations, then you need to work with one of the top contractors in town. To learn more about how WABO Roofing can help you achieve your dream home project, call us at (855) 557-6634 or reach us through our online contact form to request for a proposal.

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