Roofing: Great Patios from a Premier Texas Contractor

The majority of greater Houston experiences very humid weather throughout the year, which is why outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more popular. Patios provide you a cooler area to stay during those hot days, helping you save energy from air conditioning.

A patio can transform both your home’s mood and functionality, offering great lifestyle improvements such as opportunities to invite family and friends over for barbeques, get-togethers, or simply to have a safe area for you and your kids to hang around in and commune with nature. And, of course, it can potentially add great value to your curb appeal.

Material Options

There are many great options for quality patio materials to match your home and suit your budget. Here are some common choices and the characteristics of each:

  • Stained concrete – relatively inexpensive and low maintenance
  • Brick – offers a traditional look and is very durable
  • Dry laid flagstone – rustic look
  • Pea gravel – great walking surface, helps prevent erosion
  • Stamped concrete – extremely professional and modern-looking
  • Exterior tiles (unglazed) – opens up many options to match the rest of your home
  • Mortared cut stone – a more formal look, similar to flagstone
  • Concrete pavers – durable as brick but more affordable and lightweight

How much laying a certain material will cost can greatly depend on the surface of your foundation. But you must consider more than just cost and “the look” in choosing the right patio; functionality is just as important.

At WABO roofing, we assist our clients from design planning up to installation, to make sure that you get a well-built structure and that meets your aesthetic ideals as well as your functionality goals.

Hire a Dependable Contractor

Whether you’re just planning to have a patio built or already have one you wish to remodel or upgrade, WABO Roofing can help! We pride ourselves in providing our clients with excellent customer service along with top expertise and detailed workmanship. In just a year, we have garnered lots of positive feedback on various sites such as BBB, Home Advisor, and Yelp.

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