Small Parts of the Roof That Need Your Attention

The roof is one of the sturdiest structures in your home, but it’s far from invincible. Between impacts, inclement weather and even ambient heat, a lot of things can reduce the effectiveness of the roof and how it protects your home.

Small Parts of the Roof That Need Your Attention

While the obvious course of action is to address the largest parts of the roof, such as the shingles or the supports, it’s often the small parts on which you need to keep an eye. WABO Roofing Systems, your roof construction company, shares three items that you need to keep in mind.

The Nails

The roofing nails are an important tool in the installation of the roof. It’s what secures the shingles in place, fastens the felt underlayment and keeps the upper structure from getting moved by the wind. Most nails are made from either aluminum or stainless steel as they need to be as resilient as possible.

Roofing nails also have wide, flat heads to ensure that they stay place. These same nails are often used to install siding as it has similar stability needs as the roof. These nails, however, aren’t immune to wear and tear, and they will eventually get exposed. It’s important that you replace any exposed or damaged nails. One nail might not seem much, but it can weaken the stability of the shingles or the underlayment.

The Roof Deck

This is the material between the structural components, such as the trusses and joints, and the insulation and weather-proofing layers. You can think of it as the foundation on which every part of the roof is secured in place.

Most roof decks are made of wood, although they can be made with concrete, cement or metal, too. Due to the unique stresses it endures, it’s one of the first parts of the roofs to give way when it encounters structural problems relating to leaks. Always have this part of the roof checked if you suspect something is wrong with the entire structure.


These are more commonly known as waterproofing and, as their name suggests, seals the roof to prevent water intrusion and moisture damage. They are usually applied in the vulnerable parts of the roof, such as the valleys, where they create a tough and durable bond that prevents water from gaining access. They are also used to repair small cracks and aberrations on the roof.

Since these are essentially adhesives, they eventually will get worn out. Fortunately, it’s easy to tell if the sealant is no longer effective as they go out in clumps. You’ll want to reseal these areas to avoid water intrusion and damage during a storm.

WABO Roofing Systems offers complete roofing services. We also install high-quality replacement windows. Call us today at (832) 304-2800 to learn more about our services. We are a roof construction company in Houston and Pearland, TX.

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