Can You Assist With Roof Gutter Maintenance and Cleaning?

When it comes to gutter cleaning, we often shrug aside this task. But we also know that debris such as twigs, leaves, seed pods, and nests tend to gather in them and cause blockages. When this debris is left in them, they clog the downspouts and prevent water from draining in the desired way, away from the roof and the house. Clogged gutters will cause many more issues in the house that will lead to even more expensive repairs.

Considering that proper cleaning and maintenance will ensure the proper functioning of the gutter and keep your building safe, it should be handled by a professional like WABO Roofing. We have a team of professionals with lots of gutter experience in Houston areas like Friendswood to help you out.

Problems that Home Owners May Face if Gutters are Not Cleaned Regularly

If the gutters are not cleaned at regular intervals, then the building could undergo several damages including:

Basement Water Damage

Basement Water Damage

The clogged gutters will cause the water to deviate from its original path – an overflow. When this overflow runs down the side of the building instead of the downspout, it will cause basement water damage. Regular gutter cleaning and downspout inspection help prevent this disaster. The gutters must have the right angle for the water to flow to the downspout and then the downspout must divert the water away from the house and foundation.

Ice Dams and Icicles

Winters can be extremely harsh with snowfall and very low temperatures. If the gutters are not cleaned, ice dams will likely be formed. These will push the water up and allow it to escape under the shingles, which will damage the roof, shingles, and the interior walls of the building. Heavier icicles are likely to form in clogged gutters as the water is unable to pass freely through the downspout. The icicles are not just hazardous to the roofing system and the building but are also dangerous for the pets and people inhabiting the building. The icicles are heavy and their weight has the ability to crack, bend, and pull the gutter away from the home.

Mold Growth

Mould Growth

Any water or moisture intrusion into the attic, crawlspace, or basement can lead to mould growth. Mould grows on damp surfaces when there is water or dampness, within 24 to 48 hours. The homeowners may not be able to identify the root cause of this issue (a clogged gutter) and delays will cause even more damage. When mould enters the home, both people and pets are in danger of developing allergies and respiratory difficulties. Mould in the home is a major problem for anyone with a damaged immune system, asthma, or other respiratory disorders, and it must be addressed immediately.

Roof Leaks

Postponing the task of cleaning and unclogging the gutters can put your home in danger of shingle deterioration and roof leaks. Both of which can cause water damage inside the attic, insulation, and behind walls. Water can move back up to the roof and cause costly damage if debris is allowed to accumulate in the gutter.

Unwelcome Pests

Unwelcome Pests

Leaves and twigs are not just the only debris that collects in them, they also happen to be a favourite place for small animals, birds, and insects to make their nests. Besides clogging the gutters, it also becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects that are not safe for your home.

Voided Home Warranty

Insurance companies are quite strict with their policies. Most companies do not cover insurance if the damage has occurred because of clogged gutters. Hence, to ensure that you are covered under the insurance, you must make sure that the gutters are cleaned and maintained.

Professional Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Professional Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Professionals like WABO Roofing are equipped with the skills, expertise, and tools to clean the roof gutter efficiently. Here are a few significant steps that are followed by us:

We Remove the Debris

Professionals use a thorough approach to remove material from gutters, ensuring the drainage system’s best performance. Specialized instruments such as gutter scoops and trowels are used to reach difficult locations. This preventative measure not only avoids potential clogs but also reduces the chance of water overflow, which can cause structural damage and damage roof structures.

Flushing the Gutters

Professionals use precision to remove and expel any remaining debris with the help of either a high-pressure hose or a pressure washer. This dynamic system not only ensures that the gutters are completely clear, but it also functions as a diagnostic tool. Professionals may discover and address any obstructions in downspouts by flushing the system in a systematic manner, ensuring uninterrupted water flow. This meticulous technique boosts the longevity of the entire drainage system and bolsters the roof’s resilience against water-related concerns.

Clearing Downspouts

Experts examine the downspouts for evidence of blockages that could obstruct appropriate drainage. They expertly crawl through the downspouts – dislodge and remove any obstacles using specialized tools such as a plumber’s snake or a high-pressure hose. This rigorous technique not only provides unhindered water flow, but it also reduces the possibility of water accumulation protects the roof from any structural damage, and preserves its integrity.

Sealing Leaks

Professional roofing inspectors also inspect for leaks and, if found, specialized sealants are used to seal them. Good quality sealants are used that are compatible with the material of the gutter and also provide a strong barrier against water infiltration.

Some Preventive Measures:

  • We recommend our customers to install gutter guards as they are quite effective in protecting the gutters from getting clogged by debris. It also lowers the frequency of maintenance and cleaning of roof gutters.
  • If there are trees around your roof and they have extended branches that are causing excessive leaves to clutter your roof and the gutter then they should be trimmed.

You can call WABO Roofing for professional cleaning and maintenance of the roof gutter system of your building.

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