How do you handle roof ventilation fan installation or repairs?

Although keeping your home dry and your roof free of leaks is crucial, there are other things you can do to take care of your property. Your house can also be protected by a well-ventilated roof. In addition to preventing weather damage and extending the life of your roof, roof ventilation can assist in reducing heating and cooling expenses.

Your roof may sustain damage from improper attic ventilation, requiring expensive repairs. Many people are unaware of the extent of the harm that attic ventilation can do to roofing materials and how important it is.

Here, we will assist you in keeping your house secure. You may install and maintain roof ventilation systems to improve the comfort of your home and the visual beauty of your roof.

Importance of Roof Ventilation

Importance of Roof Ventilation

Sufficient roof ventilation is essential for your home’s general maintenance and security.

Increasing Airflow

Air can travel up the top of the building beneath the roof and escape through the air space beneath a roof vent. Installing a ridge vent will help shield your house and roof from harm by reducing moisture and stagnant air.

Keeping the Roof Cool

Throughout the year, the surface of your roof remains colder thanks to vents that let hot air escape from underneath it. In the absence of a vent, heated air would be trapped inside your roof, hastening the summertime shingle breakdown. Snow on your roof during the winter may melt and create ice dams, which may cause water leaks.

Reducing Humidity Levels

Effective ventilation lowers the amount of moisture trapped in the space, preventing the growth of mold, wood rot, and mildew on your roof. Your roof will be less humid thanks to ventilation, which will shield it from rot or mold damage.

Conserving Energy

You may save your heating and cooling expenses by keeping the air in your attic out of your house by combining proper insulation with a robust ventilation system. Because hot air can escape, you may run your air conditioner less in the summer and stop snow from melting in the winter.

Indicators of a Non-Working Roof Vent Fan

Indicators of a Non-Working Roof Vent Fan

We recognize the value of a roof vent fan and the necessity to maintain it for all of its advantages, so even though your roof vent fan has served its purpose, there may be occasions when it has to be repaired or replaced. The following indicators may indicate that your roof vent fan isn’t functioning:

Rise in Attic Temperature

The attic temperature is maintained when the roof vent fan is operating correctly. Should the attic’s temperature suddenly shift, it may indicate that the fan isn’t operating properly.

Increase in Indoor Temperature

A malfunctioning roof vent fan will not expel the heated air from the attic. As a result, throughout the summer, the inside of the house will get hotter, and the rooms will feel uncomfortable.

Mold or Mildew Development

The air in the attic will be quite humid if there is not enough ventilation. Mold and mildew thrive in humid environments. Their presence in your attic indicates that the roof vent fan is not operating at peak efficiency.

Ice Dams in Winter

Ice Dams in Winter

The accumulation of ice dams occurs when snow melts unevenly and refreezes on the roof during the winter months when the roof vent fan is not operating.

Fix Roof Ventilation Problems


Incorporate Additional Roof Ventilation If the Damage Is Not Too Far Along

Finding a reliable roofing company to complete the task for you is the best course of action. DIY roofing tasks are more difficult than you might think, and you should inspect all of the decking underneath the shingles to make sure there are no areas of rot.

Here’s what a team that comes to fix the ventilation could accomplish for you: Assess the extent of the damage by looking at the attic and roof.

You might be lucky if they merely see discoloration starting to occur in the attic. They can not only mend it, but they can prolong the life of your roof by a few years, extending the time before you need to replace it entirely. Increasing the number of vents to address the issue ought to solve it.

Exhaust Vents are Cool, But You Need to Install Intake Vents

It is important to remember that installing exhaust vents alone won’t solve the problems. Cool air can enter your attic through intake vents, which are just as necessary as exhaust vents for releasing hot, humid air from there. You will keep experiencing problems if the intake vents are left unattended. Speak with your contractor to ensure that the system has received complete servicing.

A Complete Roof Replacement

A Complete Roof Replacement

A complete roof repair will be necessary if they observe that the damage has started to delimitate the wood, which means that it has grown too slippery, and nothing will stick to it. You will still experience issues like sagging, loose shingles, and a higher chance of leaks, even with more vents fitted.

How Long Will It Take to Fix The Roof Ventilation?

This will differ depending on the company itself. When dealing with more severe damage, companies with smaller staff could take longer to do the job.

On the other hand, existing ventilation will be improved more quickly. The primary objective will be to increase the number of intake and exhaust vents to make sure that the air in your house is circulating properly. It should take around a day to complete this operation.

This procedure will require a lot more time if you want to replace your roof entirely. It will be necessary for the workers to remove the old roof, install the new one, and thoroughly clean the area. This could take a couple of days to three weeks, depending on the materials and weather.

Enjoy the Benefits of Effective Roof Ventilation with WABO Roofing

Whether your roofing system has been damaged by poor insulation and requires repairs, or your home is too hot and requires new ventilation, we can assist!

At WABO Roofing, our professionals provide a diverse range of roofing materials, brands, and styles to meet your specific demands for your home. We can also assist you in figuring out what steps you need to take to have a well-ventilated home! Learn more about our roofing services and why hundreds of customers have relied on us to safeguard their homes with dependable roofing products and professional installation.

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