Do You Handle Roof Insulation Repairs or Upgrades?

The roof insulation of a home plays an important role in keeping your home at the desired temperature efficiently. It offers insulation, shields you and your family from the weather, and improves the appearance and overall value of your house, too. However, we generally think about insulation only when building a new home or when we face some problems with our insulation. But we should remember that to keep the home energy efficient and comfortable, the insulation system should be kept updated or provided with regular maintenance. Worn or defective insulation in the Conroe and Greater Houston area can lead to large energy losses, which can result in uncomfortable living conditions, high energy bills, and increased carbon emissions!

The repairs or upgrade job should always be entrusted to a professional roofing expert like WABO Roofing, who will ensure that the job is executed properly. We offer insulation repairs and upgrades for your roof.

What is Roof Insulation? How Does it Work?

What is Roof Insulation

Having an efficient roof insulation system is immensely purposeful and offers several advantages. It is a layer of protection over the roof that helps the building maintain optimum temperature in both winter and summer seasons.

During the Summer

The insulation effectively creates a barrier that reduces the transfer of heat from the heated exterior (roof) and helps in keeping the indoors of the building cooler. Some insulation materials like reflective foil and radiant barriers have reflective surfaces that bounce back the sun rays and prevent excessive heat absorption, which helps keep the roof cool and, therefore, maintains optimum temperatures inside the home.

During the Winter

We know that warm air is lighter and rises, so insulation is an effective thermal barrier that keeps this warm air from escaping the interior of the building and keeps the house warm. Proper insulation also helps keep the temperatures of the roof in check and lowers any risk of the formation of ice dams by preventing snowmelt.

Signs You Need to Repair Roof or Repair the Insulation of Your Home

Signs You Need to Repair Roof or Repair the Insulation of Your Home

Although insulation lasts for decades, they have a limit and will wear out slowly. Several problems may arise when the insulation of your home wears out. Here are some signs that you need to keep an eye out for:

High Utility Bills

A sudden rise in utility bills can be a sign that your insulation is no longer effective. Over time, insulation loses its effectiveness and may become worthless if it is not replaced. You may easily fix this condition by installing new insulation.

Air Conditioning and Heating System are Running Overtime

If you find that your air conditioning and heating system are overworking than they usually do, then it is a sign that you need the insulation to be replaced or upgraded.

Moisture Issues

There are many different types of water damage – moist flooring, dark or brown patches on your walls or ceiling, and the musty odour of mould. Your insulation can easily be destroyed by water damage. Inadequate insulation may also be the cause of water damage! Freezing winter temperatures can cause a poorly insulated water pipe to rupture, causing a significant issue for your building. It may also form ice dams, which are very destructive. Proper insulation can easily prevent this type of issue.



If you find too many rodents, insects, or pests invading your home, you must check the insulation. Depending on the insulation material, these pests can make their nests and make holes in the insulation system.

Inconsistent Temperatures

If you find that one room is at the right temperature while the other is not comfortable at all, then it is likely that the insulation system is damaged. Poor insulation causes the temperatures to fluctuate, which is why there is a difference in the comfort levels of two different rooms.

Unwanted Noise

Roof insulation also works to keep unwanted noise from the outside. It is especially helpful when you live near a busy street and always have traffic noise. The insulation system helps reduce the noises from outside. It also helps in keeping your indoor voices from escaping the outdoors. So, if you are having a party inside, your neighbours will not be troubled by the loud voices. If the insulation degrades, the noise will escape and allow outside noises to enter the building.

Health Issues

When the insulation system of your building degrades, then it will cause moisture build-up, which promotes mould growth. Mould spores then cause respiratory problems, allergies and worsen the condition of people who suffer from asthma in the house. Poor insulation also causes extreme temperatures, which can make one feel uncomfortable and cause sleep problems.

Formation of Ice Dams

Formation of Ice Dams

The heat from your fireplace and heater should stay inside and not seep outside. This is especially important during winter days. If the heat from your house seeps through your attic, it will cause the snow to melt and move toward your gutters. Soon, it freezes again, clogs your gutters, and forms icicles. Your property requires new insulation if you regularly notice icicles or if your gutters stop when the melting snow should be draining through them.

Insulation Has shifted, and Falling

If the insulation of your building has a damp, thin, and crumbly appearance, it needs to be replaced. It can tumble out of its perfect spot, making it more difficult to insulate the house. While the insulation system in newer buildings will take a lot of time to degrade, it is safe to check them after 10 years. For older buildings, professional inspections should be performed after 5 years. You must also check the insulation if there has been a significant weather event like floods or storms.

It is best to call on a professional like WABO Roofing for professional inspections, repairs, and upgrades of your insulation system.

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