Can You Assist With Roof Tile Installation Or Repairs?

Roof tiles save our homes from the outside weather conditions – protecting us from rain, cold, snow, breeze, and heat. When they are well-cared for, tiles can last you for many decades. In fact, they are known to surpass other roofing materials when it comes to longevity. However, they should be maintained and repaired at regular intervals.

In League City and the Houston area, tiles are available in a variety of designs and materials. Every material offers a unique set of benefits. People may choose to use one that best suits their budget and requirements. Tiles are fire-resistant, energy-efficient, heat-resistant, and also for soundproofing. But they also suffer from damages because of various reasons. They lose their strength and ability to protect your home after completing certain years.

To protect your home, get your roof inspected by professional roofers like us – WABO Roofing company. We perform detailed roof inspections for your roof to check the condition of the tiles. We carefully check for various damages and then replace or repair them as required.

Here are some signs that are a warning sign for damaged tiles

Daylight Passes the Roof

Daylight Passes the Roof

If daylight passes through the roof, there are gaps or openings. It also means that there are missing tiles on your roof. It needs to be quickly inspected and fixed so that it doesn’t cause further structural damage, water leaks, or energy inefficiency in the building. Regular inspections and on time repairs are crucial for sustaining a secure and well-insulated living or working environment.

Missing or Worn Tiles

If there are leaks or damp spots, then it could be signs of a worn-out, cracked, or slipped roof tile that has to be replaced by a professional. Your roof tiles probably need to be replaced right away if you see any leaks or indications of water damage. They might be missing or worn out. It is important to remember that your roof will require replacement if damaged or missing tiles cause significant problems.

Puncture, Holes, or Cracks on Flat Roof

People who have flat roofs often suffer from splits, cracks, or holes on their roofs caused by extreme weather conditions. It is advised that a professional inspect the roof at regular intervals, especially if there has been a recent condition of storm or hailstorm.

Sagging Flat Roofs

Sagging Flat Roofs

When the roof surface shows a discernible droop, separating from its initial level, it is said to have a sagging flat roof. Water damage and other structural problems are frequent causes that erode the roof over time. This distortion can be caused by decaying materials, overloading from too much weight, aging-related wear, and poor construction. In addition to seriously jeopardizing the structure’s look, sagging increases the possibility of leaks, drainage problems, and additional damage. To ensure the longevity and safety of the flat roof, a prompt professional inspection and remedial actions are essential for determining the root causes and making necessary corrections.

Age of the Tiles

Tiles will normally last for 20-25 years. This may be more or less depending on the type of material and maintenance. After a certain number of years, the tiles tend to deteriorate and will easily break or get damaged even with the slightest pressure. It is best that they be changed on time before the weather gets bad, or else you will be putting your home in danger. You must request a professional company like WABO Roofing to handle the job.

Some Common Materials of Tiles Available for Roofing

Tiles are manufactured in different materials. The most common ones used are as follows:

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are durable and sturdy. They are very strong and will ensure all weather conditions without sustaining much damage. They are available in a variety of colours and designs. Concrete tiles are quite heavy and need some type of support.

Clay Tiles

Clay Tiles

These tiles have been used for thousands of years. They are made from natural clay and are available in a variety of shapes and designs. They do not fade as they have their natural color and look quite unique. They can be S-shaped, flat, or have interlocking designs. Those who like to make Spanish or Mediterranean-style homes often go for this material. Clay tiles are a bit brittle and will crack easily. They require more maintenance compared to other tiles made from other materials.

Metal Tiles

Metal roof tiles are modern and are made from materials like copper, aluminum, and steel. They are pocket-friendly, durable, and reliable. They may not be good for places where the climate is humid, as steel tends to corrode. With protective coatings, this issue may be resolved.

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are cut from pieces of bigger natural stone and can be available in various colors. They are the heaviest of materials, but they sure look classy and elegant. Despite being heavy, they are preferred as they look very elegant. The cost of installing slate tiles is higher than the others, and you need special skilled people to perform the job.

Composite Tiles

Made from a mix of different materials like recycled plastic and rubber, the composite tiles can be created to look like other materials. They are environment friendly and cost-effective too. They may have a shorter lifespan when compared to tiles made from other materials.

Wood Tiles

Wood Tiles

Wood tiles are also known as wood shakes, made from strong wood – mostly cedar. They look beautiful and are available in designs. They also come in a variety of colors and have different textures. They have a rustic appearance, but they require a lot of maintenance. They are prone to rot and insect infestations; coatings should be applied to make them weatherproof and insect-proof.

Synthetic Tiles

Synthetic tiles can replicate the appearance of natural materials like slate, wood, or clay. They are often made from composite materials or polymers, providing a lightweight and durable roofing option.

You can rely on WABO Roofing services for professional installation, inspection, and repairs of roof tiles.

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