Do You Handle Roof Insulation Installation or Upgrades?

Roof insulation helps in preventing the outside heat from penetrating the inside of your home or building. It allows the temperature to be stable and also helps keep unnecessary surrounding sounds from disturbing you in your home. The overall insulation standards require thermal resistance in building structures as it helps lower the energy loss for cooling or heating. This is why emphasis is placed on using insulation materials that have high thermal characteristics and adequate mechanical properties so they can withstand loads. Long-lasting roof systems are ones that have been made by using good insulation materials, whereas poor decisions can negatively impact the performance of the roof.

This is why professionals like WABO Roofing should handle the roof insulation. We have a team of skilled technicians with both knowledge and experience in roof insulation systems. They will make wise choices for your home, ensuring that you have a pocket-friendly energy bill every month. We take care of roof insulation installation and upgrades, too.

What are the Advantages of Roof Insulation?

Advantages of Roof Insulation

Extended Roof Lifespan

Roof insulation protects roofing materials from the elements and extreme temperature changes. This may greatly increase the lifespan of your roof and reduce the frequency of expensive repairs or replacements.

Comfort and Well-being

Roof insulation helps maintain a consistent indoor temperature, which allows the occupants to enjoy a more comfortable environment. This can enhance the general well-being, productivity, and satisfaction of people living or working in a building.

Improved Property Value

Roof insulation helps in improving the overall performance of your building. It makes it energy efficient and ensures that the market value of the building is high and is an attractive property for future buyers or tenants. Roof insulation is an investment that can give you some attractive returns.

Noise Reduction

Roof insulation also helps suppress external noise, ensuring your indoors are peaceful and quiet. This is especially quite effective and necessary in urban areas or places with high noise pollution. It improves the quality of living or working environment of the building.

Compliance with Building Codes

Every place has certain building codes and regulations, and constructions or renovations demand that they be adhered to. Among the many compliances, one of them requires that you have a roof insulation. You can ensure your property complies with these standards and prevent potential legal problems and fines by consulting a professional roofing contractor like WABO Roofing to ensure the roof insulation is installed according to the building codes.

Environmental Responsibility

Insulating your roof helps you use less energy and prevents the need for frequent roof replacements – which tends to add to the landfill waste. You can further lessen your environmental impact by selecting eco-friendly insulation materials. WABO Roofing can advise you on the type of insulation materials that are perfect for your roof and the ones that are environmental friendly too.

Upgrading Your Roof Insulation

For individuals who already have roof insulation, it is significant that they have an effective insulation system. With time, the roof insulation tends to sustain damages for various reasons, and when this happens, it is time for them to upgrade their roof insulation. Here are some reasons why roof insulation gets damaged and why you must consider upgrading your roof insulation:

Moisture Damage

Moisture Damage

There are many causes of moisture-damaged insulation, but roof leaks and condensation from inadequate ceiling ventilation are the main offenders. Even pests like rodents that leave feces and droppings can harm property and pose a health risk. The problem with insulation is that it doesn’t dry quickly. This is especially if you have fibreglass insulation because when insulation gets wet, it gets heavy because of the moisture, hence failing to properly insulate the building structure. Additionally, damp insulation encourages the growth of bacteria, mould, and mildew, which poses health risks for the residents. Upgrading roof insulation becomes essential in such situations as it is a risk for both health and effective insulation.

High Energy Bills

High Energy Bills

A good insulation system protects against the heat of the sun in summer or hot months. The roof absorbs heat from the sun, and the insulation system keeps the heat from moving through the roof and entering the home. On the other hand, during the winters, since we know that hot air rises, any warm air generated within the building to keep it warm and comfortable in the lower levels will move up and then move out through the roof. However, roof insulation helps prevent this loss of heat.

If the roof insulation system is inefficient, then it will cause the home to get heated in the summer and colder in the winter. On both occasions, your energy usage will go up, and your energy bills will be higher.

Insulation systems generally last between 20 to 50 years (depending on the type of material used), and if your home is quite old and you haven’t upgraded the roof insulation, then it is likely that it has lost its value. You must increase the levels of insulation or replace it if required.

Safety Risks

Old insulation systems pose several safety risks to homeowners. For instance, old insulation systems that have foil or metal can be hazardous and may cause electrical shock. There may be a risk of fire – depending on how the insulation was installed and how it has settled. Old insulation also contains elements that may be unsafe for human health.

When the insulation is disturbed, it may pose a contamination risk from rockwool fibres. If you are happy with the insulation levels and are not planning on entering the ceiling or cutting into it, you may postpone insulation replacement. Professionals like WABO Roofing can conduct a few tests to ensure that the air is free from any dangerous fibres.

A loose wire in an old insulation system can create the risk of shock if the insulation system has been backed by foil.

Let the Professionals Take Care of Your Roof Insulation

Let the Professionals Take Care of Your Roof Insulation

Therefore, it is wise to call WABO Roofing for regular inspections of your roof insulation. This will ensure your building’s and family’s safety. We perform rigorous tests and inspections to determine the health of the insulation system and custom-create a solution for your home.

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