Can You Help With The Roof Shingle Colour Selection?

Are you getting ready to replace the roof of your house? You might also want to think about changing the colour of your roof when it’s time to replace it. Remember, your roof is one of the most eye-catching components of your home, and thus, you can think about changing the previous roof shingle colour to enhance the exterior look of your home and potentially boost curb appeal.

It’s simple to choose the same roof colour you currently have or what your roofing contractor suggests. However, A new roof is a significant expenditure, so you might as well choose the colour you want to make your house feel like your house.

Selecting the appropriate shingle colour for your home involves a keen eye and a bit of expertise, just as a chef meticulously selects each ingredient to produce an exquisite dish. In this post, we’ll dig into the world of roof shingle colours and assist you in selecting the ideal shade for your home’s distinct personality.

Things to Avoid When Selecting a Roof Shingle Colour

Never Pick The Same Colour As Your Siding

Never Pick The Same Colour As Your Siding

You do not want the exterior of your house to appear overly monochromatic, just like the interior. Contrast is important in colour and design. Whatever colour you decide on, be sure it isn’t the same as the rest of your house.

Never Trust An Online Picture

An online image of a property will never seem exactly the same as in person. Even though the image appears accurate, the lighting, home exterior, and photo editing can cause the shingle colour to appear differently. The majority of digital shingle samples differ from real ones in appearance. Even when the basic colours are the same, it might be challenging to distinguish any small colour differences from an online image. The brightness and display settings of your screen might also affect how the colours seem. Physical samples are always the most accurate when looking at colours for a home improvement project.

Never Decide Solely Based On A Small Shingle Sample

Small samples of shingles are quite helpful. However, they do not provide the entire picture. It’s simple to get carried away when examining a small sample with subtle changes and distinctions between shingle colours. The tiny variances become apparent differently depending on the home until you watch the colour spread across the entire roof. It’s similar to paint, carpet, or tile samples. While useful, small samples are difficult to imagine throughout a whole space.

Tips For Picking A Roof Shingle Colour That Complements Your Home Exterior Design

While selecting a roof shingle colour may look simple, there are several things to consider. You don’t want to commit to a hue that you will dislike in person, or that would increase your energy cost. If you will have this roof for the next 20 years, you want it to be the right fit! Before choosing a shingle colour for your new roof, consider these factors.

Pick The Colour That Expresses Your Style

Pick The Colour That Expresses Your Style

Most of your home’s exterior is normally made up of the roof. With so many gorgeous dimensional colours and styles available in today’s asphalt roofing shingle market, you may devote the same amount of time and effort to decorating your exterior as you do your interior.

Examine The Bold, Modern Options

Bold means beauty! Consider using a vivid, dramatic colour on your new roof if this is a key style component. You may improve the appearance of your home by choosing the proper roofing shingle colour to complement its natural surroundings and architectural components.

Consider High-Def Shingles Vs. Standard Shingles

Standard shingles lack the depth, texture, and colour variety that high-definition shingles do. The exterior of your home can look more modern with high-definition shingles because of their wide range of colours and styles, but they are more expensive. Consider the hues and designs of both regular and high-definition shingles when choosing a shingle colour to find the right choice for your house.

See The Shingle Colour In Person

Check for nearby houses with the same roofing shingle colour installed. You can get a good idea of the shingle colour’s appearance in natural light if you can locate a house with a similar roofline and pitch. You can always request a list of suggested residences from us so that you may drive by and observe the shingles used throughout the day and in all weather conditions.

Test Drive A Colour With A 3D Virtual Home Design Tool

Test Drive A Colour With A 3D Virtual Home Design Tool

A 3D virtual home design program can let you test a colour before you buy it. With the help of a 3D virtual home design program, you can view how your home will appear when several colour schemes are used, giving you a better idea of what will look best there.

Compare The Cost Of Upgrading The Roofing Shingles

Moving up to an architectural shingle in a designer colour may be within your budget because the price difference between roofing shingle product lines may not be as great as you believe. Naturally, a professional roofing contractor is the only one who can provide you with an estimate depending on the particulars of your property and the items you decide to use. However, purchasing the roof shingle you really want might only add a few hundred dollars to the project’s overall cost.

Choose WABO Roofing For Your Roof Shingle Colour Selection

WABO Roofing

The colour of your shingle roof will only be entirely visible if it is properly installed. Additionally, low-quality shingles will decay more quickly, necessitating a replacement sooner. You may maximize your investment by working with a top-rated roofing company that only utilizes the best shingles available.

The specialists at WABO Roofing are experts at installing shingles with the utmost care. We work closely with our clients, from selecting the colour of their shingles to tidying up the site afterwards. Consult us today to start replacing your roof immediately!

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