What Steps Will You opt to Protect My Property During the Roofing Process?

A crucial step in preserving the structural integrity of your property is to keep your roof in good health. However, you may be overshadowed by concerns about the security of your yard, landscaping, and entire property. But when you have a team from WABO Roofing working on your roof project, you don’t have to be worried about the safety of your property. We are a reputable brand and have been associated with the maintenance and replacement of roofs for the past 7 years in Texas. We are aware of your concerns and are working to ease them. We have mastered the art of protecting your property thanks to an experienced team that brings skill and expertise to every project. We have consistently taken precautions along the way to make sure your property is safe while we are working.

Steps WABO Roofing Takes to Protect Your Property

Roofing Process

When we undertake a roofing job, one of our main responsibilities is to protect your property. This is crucial during a roof replacement in particular. We will cover your attic, move any items on your patio, cover your landscaping, and only stay on paved surfaces in order to protect your property.

Cover Your Attic

During the replacement of your roof, things will probably become a little bit messy. Whatever you have stored in your attic could become covered in dust, debris, or wood splinters if it isn’t shielded.

We lay down a tarpaulin or cover your belongings to protect your attic. The debris-covered tarpaulin can be easily rolled up and removed as part of the clean-up after your replacement is complete.

If your attic is empty, we still protect it with a covering as it tends to get very dusty. We recommend that you vacuum it once we have finished the project.

Clear and Cover the Patio and Deck

Before we begin the work, we suggest that you remove all the valuable items from the deck and patio so that they are not damaged when the debris falls in these areas.

However, if you are unable to move the set-up, such as furniture, plants, etc., then we will have them covered with tarpaulin so they are not damaged. Moreover, our team will know how to work around areas where there are valuable items and be aware of objects that may fall over them. This prevents any damage and keeps your valuables safe.

Cover the Garden

Cover the garden

We will shield your landscaping with coverings like tarps or plastic from the dust and debris collected during roof replacement or maintenance. We will remove any hanging or potted plants that might be harmed by falling debris.

It is better that you search your garden for fragile items and store them safely before we can begin our work. This might consist of things like potted plants, solar-powered lights, wind chimes, statues, water fountains, and birdhouses, as well as mosaic stepping stones.

Before we start working on your property, our team will quickly go through the space to check for any valuables you might have left out, so you can store them safely until the work is complete.

Vehicles Should be Parked Safely

On taking a roof project, we suggest that all our clients remove their vehicles from the garage and the driveway. Parking them at your neighbour’s home will ensure they are far from the working zone. This will avoid any accidental damages or scratches that they may acquire from the debris that falls while we are at work. It also makes way for our trucks to easily offload debris and shingles.

Remove the Expensive Wall Decor

While our team is quite skilled and works stealthily, hammering, hand-nailing, and using other tools may cause some vibration. Anything you have hanging on the walls could fall off and smash to the floor due to the workers pounding on your home’s walls during the replacement or maintenance.

Before you begin replacing your roof, we suggest you take down any artwork, photos, or wall decorations that appear to be just a slight tremor away from falling.

Mow the Lawn

We suggest that you mow your lawn before we begin the roofing work. This is because despite our best efforts, it is likely that some debris will fall on the ground around your house. To find any nails or other objects that may have fallen during your replacement, we use a magnet three times in our clean-up procedure.

On the day of installation, the team will first sweep the magnet around the entire exterior of your house during clean-up. The project manager will then perform a second sweep around the perimeter of your home when they come back to confirm the work. After removing the dumpster from your driveway, the driver will sweep the area where it was initially placed.

This process ensures that your premises is clean and safe.

WABO Roofing

WABO Roofing

Our diligence at WABO Roofing extends beyond just offering roof replacement and maintenance services for you; it can be seen in our precise work and impeccable clean-up. As we meticulously finish projects, we make sure your property is left spotless. We are your go-to roofing contractors for maintenance and replacement needs, thanks to a reputation built over time.

If you get in touch with us, our knowledgeable team will evaluate your project and offer a customized estimate. With us, you get more than just roofing services; you also get assurance, meticulous workmanship, and a dedication to leaving your property in better condition than when we arrived.

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