The Most Common Roof Styles Used in Residential Roofing

Preparing for a roofing project does not only entail finding the right roofing material. It also involves selecting the best roof style for your home. Apart from enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal, your choice should take into account local weather conditions as well as the structure’s exterior design.

The Most Common Roof Styles Used in Residential Roofing

Wabo Roofing Systems, your local roof construction company, talks about four of the most common roof styles used in residential roofing.

Gable Roof

The gable roof has two sloping faces that meet at the ridge on top, forming a triangle. Architectural styles that make use of this roof include Colonial Revival and the classic Cape Cod. It is a popular roof style because of its cost-effectiveness and functionality. Indeed, the pitch of a gable roof allows for easy shedding of moisture during times of rain or snow.

Hip Roof

This roof style features a gentle pitch and a profile where all sides slope towards the home’s walls. It has better strength and durability, though it can be complicated to construct and replace. Cottage, ranch and French-inspired architectural home styles with brick, stucco or stone siding have this kind of roof.

Flat Roof

A flat roof is not necessarily flat at all. In reality, it has a slight pitch for moisture to run off the roof. Homes that have Mid-Century Modern to Modern architectural aesthetics have this roof style as well as commercial and industrial structures.

Shed Roof

The shed or skillion roof is a single, sloping roof attached to the taller wall of the structure. It is common in many modern homes, though it can be added as a design element to increase architectural interest or curb appeal.

At Wabo Roofing Systems, we take pride in constructing premium quality roofs. Apart from this, we also offer other new construction services, including replacement windows.

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