Strengthening the Commercial Roof’s Weakest Link

Flat roofs are common in many commercial and industrial buildings. To further protect the structures, membranes are added to ensure no moisture can penetrate into the structure. Even so, exposure to the elements can diminish their water resistance. Improper installation complicates the problem further, resulting in failing joints, pooling water and leaks.

Strengthening the Commercial Roof’s Weakest Link

Fortunately, there are ways to strengthen what can be considered the weakest link in a commercial roof. Wabo Roofing Systems, your reputable residential and commercial roofer in the area, discusses them in today’s blog.

Roof Maintenance

Keeping the roof in tip-top shape is still the surefire way to ensure membranes continue to protect buildings and structures. However, doing so is not just about keeping the roof free from any debris. Creating a maintenance program ensures the longevity of the roof membrane and the whole roofing system itself.

Through inspections, issues like punctures can be detected and addressed right away. Apart from roof repair, it is also a must to provide membrane protection. The addition of walkway pads or roof pavers covers the roof surface to allow for foot traffic.

New Membranes

Sometimes, all it takes is a new membrane installation, especially if the current one doesn’t stand up anymore to the elements and has been causing problems. A variety of roofing materials are available, each with their unique features yet possessing varying levels of strength, longevity and performance. These include single-ply membrane systems and modified bitumen. The former is available in two options: PVC and TPO. Both consist of chemical compounds and other substances to protect the structure against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, fire and moisture. The latter, meanwhile, makes use of asphalt plus other compounds for better weather resistance and longevity.

At Wabo Roofing Systems, we aim to be your first choice for all your commercial roofing needs. Our team of dedicated roofers can assist you in making an educated decision regarding your project. To learn more about our roof replacement, repair and installation services, call (832) 304-2800 today. You may also fill out our contact form for a free, no-obligation quote. We serve residents of Houston and Cypress, TX.

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