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Due to all the climatic changes the world has suffered in recent years, people keep opting to improve their lifestyles into more sustainable ones. Solar panels are one of the biggest ways to do your part in taking care of the earth since people will not need to use electric current to power their entire homes and businesses anymore.

At WABO Roofing, we recently took the plunge into the world of solar panel installation, offering only premium solar panels and nothing less. Thanks to all the benefits we bring to people’s lives with this service, it’s safe to say it’s currently one of the most highly efficient and innovative systems available

Lower Energy Bills

Your electricity bill will decrease exponentially depending on how you balance your solar panel’s contribution with your generic electricity usage. Also, there is a possibility to get paid any surplus power your system generates by supplying it to the grid.

More Home Value

Life takes us on multiple adventures, and moving houses from time to time is not uncommon. So if at some point you decide to sell your property, solar panels will add around $30,000 of value to it.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels can last around 30 years with very minimal maintenance. In the long run, this investment will be saving you thousands of dollars.

Save the planet

The generation of renewable energy will contribute to global environmental efforts by reducing your carbon footprint. If you are into helping the planet and its resources, this will be a bright investment.

The Greatest Solar Company In The Greater Houston Area!

You need a solar company that will install high-quality solar panels to enjoy all of the benefits this incredible energy system offers. At WABO Roofing, we are widely recognized for our reliability. We provide warranties to give you and your investment the protection you deserve. Plus, you can count on getting a great service during and after the installation.

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Our team at WABO Roofing takes pride in our years of excellent work and will gladly answer any questions you may have about solar panel installation. Feel free to reach out and get a free quote!

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