Remodeling Trends For 2022

Homeowners are always looking for ways to make their homes more attractive and livable. The way they do this is by remodeling their houses with today’s hottest trends, which tend to shift over time.  


The most recent trends include industrial design, beach house decorating, and Asian-inspired decoration. Now that 2022 is here, it’s time to look ahead to the next year and see what hot new ideas for remodeling will be out in the market.


Exterior Remodeling For The New Year

As 2022 starts, homeowners are looking for new ideas to upgrade their homes. The exterior remodeling trends for 2022 are predicted to be inspired by architecture from Chicago and Miami, with a hint of Southern charm. Below are the most common trends for this year; check them out:


Siding – Possibly one of the most popular exterior redesigns for 2022 will have a style all about modern, clean lines and sleek surfaces. This style is inspired by Chicago architecture.


Decorative Elements – Windows, doors, and other elements will be adorned with details inspired by Miami Beach (think shiny surfaces, rounded corners, and decorative trimming).


Gutters – Inflated gutters will add an element of architectural style to a modern exterior design in 2022.


Solar Panel Installation – Solar panel installation on roofs, decks, and walls will be popular in 2022.


Painting – White, turquoise, and sharp shades of green will be the most popular colors for exterior paint.


Driveways And Walkways – Paved driveways are on their way out in 2022, being replaced with brick sidewalks that are more architecturally attractive.


Flower Beds – Keep your flowers blooming year-round by planting them in planters. Bricks, pavers, and potted plants will be the new trendy favorites for garden beds.


Work With The Best Professionals In Remodeling

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