What Type of Roof is Best For Solar Panels?

When it comes to solar panels, there’s a lot of confusion about what type of roof they should be installed on. Roofing experts say that the best roofs for solar panels are metal roofs or tile roofs. 


Metal has many benefits, such as allowing sunlight into your home and keeping you cool in the summer months. At the same time, tile can make your house look beautiful while protecting your family from leaks and mold. In this blog, we give you more details. Keep reading! 

Climate Is Vital When Choosing a Roof for Solar Panels


Roofing experts recommend that homeowners should take into consideration their climate when considering what type of roof to install solar panels on:


  • Roofs in areas with hotter climates, like the Southwest United States, are more likely to sustain damage from heat than roofs in colder regions. 


  • Roofs in colder climates may be able to sustain more exposure and therefore benefit the most from a flat installation surface with no obstructions, such as gables and overhangs, which cast shadows across your roof area and absorb heat.


Also, solar panel installation may be best suited to flat or low-pitched roofs because they cast less shade across your roof surface due to a lack of overhangs and gables.

Having A Roof In Best Conditions is Key

Roofs need to be in good condition with no holes or leaks, and they should also not be old, worn-out roofs that are already cracking up. Keep in mind these considerations:


  1. Check for any damaged or missing shingles.


  1. Make sure your roof is not angled too steeply.


  1. Make sure your home’s electrical system can handle the added load of solar panels.


  1. Get a professional to inspect the condition of your roof before installation begins.


  1. Research how much you could save on electricity with solar panels installed and make a wise decision about whether it’s worth the cost.


  1. If you decide to install solar panels, contact companies like Solar City for quotes and more information on what they offer.


The Premium Solar Panel and Roof Installation Company in Houston, TX

If you’re looking for the best in solar panel systems and roof installation, we have just what you need. As a licensed and insured company with decades of experience in roofing systems, WABO Roofing Systems offers high-quality services for homeowners in Houston, TX. We’ll work closely with you to make your investment worth it.



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