How Do You Handle Roof Soffit and Fascia Repairs or Replacements?

Roofing system of any building is quite intricate and made up of a number of components and parts that work together to offer protection, maximize airflow within the building and enhance the overall appearance of your property. While these terms may be foreign to some homeowners, nearly every house in Houston from Bellaire in the Inner Loop to Conroe up north has soffit and fascia.

The soffit and the fascia are two essential components of the roof, and neglecting their repairs can lead to some serious damage and ultimately compromise the stability of your roofing system. You must have them inspected and repaired or changed at the hands of professionals like us – WABO Roofing, to ensure that the problem is fixed and the integrity of your roof is maintained.

What is a Fascia?

What is a Fascia

The fascia is a long, straight plank or board that runs along the bottom edge of the roof and is connected to the gutter attachment area on the roof. At times, it may also be connected to the trusses. Since the fascia is a layer between the outside and the edge of the roof, its main function is to prevent water from damaging the wooden board.

It plays an important role in making the roof look aesthetically pleasing by creating a smooth roof edge. Not only does it shield the roof and the interior of the house from weather damage and it also protects the wooden board from water damage. Fascia boards are a standard part of modern homes.

Problems of Fascia Board

Rot and Decay

Damage from Elements

The fascia is always exposed to the elements and has to tolerate severe temperature changes, heavy rainfall, snowfall, storms and harsh winds. With time, this exposure may cause the fascia board to flex, crack, or split. This will result in water leaks, followed by damage to the roof’s structural components. To avoid serious damage and preserve the durability of the fascia board and the entire roof structure, it is significant that you schedule routine maintenance and prompt repairs with WABO Roofing.

Rot and Decay

Fascia board will gradually decay and deteriorate quicker in areas with heavy rainfall or always humid weather. Rain and humidity mean that the fascia will always be exposed to moisture, which tends to harm its structural integrity if not maintained properly.

Pest Intrusion

Insects and small animals might enter through tiny gaps, cracks, or breaches in the fascia board. These invasions may result in infestations in the roof and attic areas, which will further cause damage to the insulation and structure of the building.

What is a Soffit?

Soffit means ‘to fix underneath’ in Latin. The material is exposed underneath the roofline, specifically the eaves. It works to bridge the gap between the adjacent wall of a building and the edge of the roof. It is often made from aluminium, vinyl, or wood. It helps maintain the ventilation of the attic in a building. Soffit cycles the air to the vents and helps in getting rid of moisture and heat from the buildia Repairs ong. This is a crucial function, as moisture in the attic can lead to decay in the rafters and sheathing.

It is also significant that you pick the right material of soffit because it is always exposed to the elements and makes it an easy way for moisture to seep inside and compromise the integrity of the roof.

Problems of Soffit

Problems of Soffit

Dry Rot

This is actually caused by specific fungi that feed on wood fiber. This generally begins on wood siding and can quickly spread to the soffit. To check for dry rot, use a large screwdriver or something similar and lightly but firmly tap the soffit. If pieces start to fall out right away, you probably have dry rot and should get the soffit replaced by us.

Poor Installation

Soffits are not easy to install and a poor installation could result in different issues. Soffits that have been installed improperly previously may be more susceptible to wind damage and other weather-related issues. If they are installed too closely, then your home will have poor ventilation. WABO Roofing has reliable roof inspectors and one of them can carefully check the soffits for any issues like this. We will have them re-installed correctly to ensure your home is properly ventilated and your roof is in good condition.

Insect and Animal Infestation

The areas between the eaves are a haven for unwanted visitors like bees, birds, tiny rodents, wasps, etc. The soffits can be used by the same pests to crawl into the attic and infest it too. This normally happens when they are not spaced properly and have gaps where insects could make their homes.

How Does WABO Roofing Take Care of Soffit and Fascia Repairs or Replacement?

How Does WABO Roofing Take Care of Soffit and Fascia Repairs or Replacement


When a soffit needs to be repaired or replaced, we begin with a careful inspection to look for any indications of damage like rot, mold, or holes that pests may have caused. We then clean the soffit to get rid of any dirt or debris and make sure the ventilation system is not blocked. We use patches and sealants to fill any cracks and gaps that may have been caused by small damage to smoothen the surface. We also recommend that we paint the soffit as this improves its beauty and also protects it from the elements.

If the damages are irreparable and soffit is required to be replaced, then we use a good quality soffit and replace it with the damaged one.


WABO Roofing performs a thorough evaluation of the site to check for damages – rot, decay, or any damage. We then remove the deteriorated fascia parts and try to repair them.

If the fascia cannot be repaired, then we replace it. The replacement fascia board is precisely cut to size and fastened to the roof edge or rafter ends. We then apply sealant to any seams or gaps to strengthen the structure. We suggest our clients to paint the new fascia as it is aesthetically pleasing and works as weather protection too.

You can rely on WABO Roofing for all types of roofing jobs, including repairing or replacing fascia and soffit.

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