Do You handle Roof Skylight Leak Repairs?

A skylight is a beautiful way to invite natural light and fresh air into your room, enhancing many homes in Cypress and Greater Houston Area. Whether it’s for your kitchen, bedroom, or living room, well-installed skylights can elevate the features of your home’s interior. They are eco-friendly, allow natural light in, and provide excellent insulation, which helps in reducing energy bills.

Despite their many benefits, it’s important to remember that skylights in Sugar Land are constantly exposed to harsh UV rays, extreme temperatures, storms, and changing seasons. Over time, they may become vulnerable and cause problems, with leakage being a common issue. If you are experiencing leakage with your skylight, it’s crucial to call a professional roofing contractor like WABO Roofing. We specialize in skylight repair and maintenance, conducting thorough assessments to identify any issues and effectively repair them.

Reasons for Skylight Leak

Reasons for Skylight Leak

Skylight leaks may be caused because of different reasons. The most common ones have been mentioned below:

Leaks Because of Installation

If the skylight has been installed incorrectly, water may infiltrate during the monsoon or snowfall. If the skylight has not been sealed properly, the roof attachment is not enough, or the flashing is incorrect, then these are identified as installation defects. They are not identified immediately, but with time, they begin to show.

Leaks Because of Structural Issues

If there are structural problems in the skylight installation, it allows water to infiltrate from the gaps, cracks, or areas where the sealant is improper. Water will easily intrude these areas, especially during very heavy rainfall.

Leaks Caused by Roof Material

If the area around the skylight is damaged, then water can easily penetrate. If the shingles around the skylight are missing, broken/damaged, or cracked, or the flashing is defective, then it may cause leakages in the skylight.

Leaks Caused Because of Condensation

When warm moisture-laden air from the room comes in contact with the cool surface of the skylight or vice-versa, then the moisture condenses, and droplets of water are formed on the skylight. Depending on how extreme the temperatures are, the droplets of water may turn into a pool of water. Continuous exposure to moisture droplets will damage the area around the skylight. This also encourages mould growth in the surrounding area.

Leakage Caused Because of Flashing

Flashing is an important component of the roofing system that helps stop the water from penetrating the roof from the additional components of the roof, such as skylights, vents, chimneys, etc. If the flashing around the skylight has not been installed correctly, has deteriorated, or is broken/damaged, then water will easily penetrate through the skylight and cause a leakage.

How Do Professionals Handle the Skylight Repairs?

How Do Professionals Handle the Skylight Repairs

Leakage Caused Because of Installation

These procedures are followed to fix installation leaks:

  • The skylight is removed and inspected for any problems. The skylight is disassembled and then checked for any hidden problems that may have been caused the leakage because of the wrong installation. The skylight is then installed back in its position, ensuring it is fixed and secured properly.
  • If required, additional bolts or adhesives may also be used to ensure the skylight is installed securely on the roof structure. It helps in the prevention of any water leakages in the future.
  • Good quality, weather-resistant flashing and sealing materials are used to create lasting and watertight seals around the skylight and prevent water intrusion.


Leakage Caused Because of Structural Issues

Skylight leakages caused because of structural issues are handled as below:

  • In order to ensure the structural integrity of the installation, it is significant that all components of the skylight are in good condition. If required, then damaged components should be replaced with new ones.
  • To ensure that the skylight stays firmly in its place and is resistant to the environmental influences, the surrounding framework should be evaluated and reinforced. Any vulnerabilities in the supporting structure surrounding the skylight should be fixed.


Leakage Because of Roof Material

Leakage Because of Roof Material

Leaks caused in skylight because of roof materials should be taken care of as below:

  • To repair or replace the damaged roofing materials around the skylight, the components of the damaged or problematic area should be removed, and they should be replaced with new materials so that the roof is protected from water infiltration.
  • Waterproof sealants and coatings should be used to create a robust and watertight barrier around the skylight region, protect the roof from any leaks, and boost its overall durability.
  • Inspection and fortification of the roof structure is significant to assess and uncover any underlying weaknesses that may contribute to water intrusion.


Leakage Because of Condensation Issues

To fix leaks caused because of condensation, here is what can be done:

  • Condensation takes place when hot air meets cold air. Hence, the ventilation system of the house should be efficient. Exhaust fans and venting systems can be installed to control interior humidity levels. This also helps to prevent excessive moisture build-up and prevents condensation on the skylight.
  • Anti-condensation coatings used on skylights prevent condensation formation by establishing a barrier that minimizes the temperature differential between the inside and external environments.
  • Dehumidifiers installed near skylights help to maintain ideal humidity levels, avoid excessive moisture build-up, and reduce the possibility of leaks caused by condensation.


Leakage Because of Flashing

To fix skylight leaks caused by problems in flashing, here is what can be done:

  • To replace or repair damaged or inappropriately installed flashing, the old flashing must be carefully disassembled and replaced with new flashing materials.
  • Waterproof sealants should be applied to the flashing area to create a sturdy barrier that prevents any water intrusion. It also ensures that any gaps or insufficient sealing between the flashing and the roof components that may lead to potential leaks are prevented.
  • New flashing should be installed, if the old flashing has deteriorated or damaged to strengthen the weatherproofing abilities of the skylight.

Professional Repair of Skylight Leaks

WABO Roofing ensures that your skylight leak is fixed professionally by skylight and roofing specialists.

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