Can You Explain the Process of Roof Gutter Guard Maintenance?

Gutters are not something that people often discuss, or even pay much attention to. They are installed with one function in mind, which is to collect rainwater and transport it through the downspouts to storage tanks or the wastewater system for later use.

The gutter is not a problem as long as it serves its intended function. Generally, gutters are only given care when they stop working properly, such as when they leak, begin to overflow, or begin to droop. It is at this point when damages can occur to other things around or connected to it – including damage to the electrical systems, mould growth in the basement and walls, and a host of other issues. Maintenance of gutters can be drastically reduced by adding gutter guards to it. However, like every other component of your roof system, gutter guards require maintenance to function properly.

Importance of Gutter Guards

Importance of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are essential for protecting your house and property because they keep leaves and other organic materials from clogging and blocking gutters, valleys, and drainpipes. In addition to preserving the appearance of the house, they fortify gutters, prolong their life, and prevent expensive damages. These guards offer a workable solution by lowering the maintenance requirements and safety hazards related to gutter cleaning. They also help in keeping pests and birds from making their homes or nests. Gutter guards serve as essential ember guards in bushfire-prone locations, improving fire safety. Gutter guards can help create a healthier and more durable living environment by enhancing the quality of the water harvested.

How to Maintain Roof Gutter Guard Maintenance

How to Maintain Roof Gutter Guard Maintenance

Although quick cleaning of the gutter guards can be helpful and oftentimes adequate, a more comprehensive approach will yield better results and prevent the need to repeat the procedure in a few months. This situation calls for professional cleaning of the gutter guards in addition to inspecting the gutters and downspouts and, if necessary, clearing the gutters of any debris—usually accumulations of fine silt—that may have found its way within.

Make sure you contact your neighbourhood roofing experts – WABO Roofing. We are roofing professionals and have a skilled team to perform various roofing jobs, including cleaning and maintenance of gutter guards.

As professionals, our approach to gutter guard maintenance involves a systematic process to ensure the utmost effectiveness of the guttering system. Here’s how we handle it:

Assessment of the Gutter Guards

Before we begin our work, we perform a detailed assessment of the gutter guards to understand their condition and check for any debris that may have been making them ineffective.

Clearing the Debris

We use our professional tools to clear all the debris and dispose them effectively.

Damage Inspection and Replacement

We check all the gutter guards for any signs of damage – rust, holes, dropped guards, warping, or cracks are some visible signs that we look out for. All guards that have been damaged need to be replaced to ensure the gutter guards resume their performance of shielding the gutters.

Professional Guard Removal

We unscrew any screws or pry open the snap-on gutter guards slowly ensuring the other gutter guards are not harmed or damaged in the process.

Guard Lowering and Inspection

Every section of the gutter guard system is carefully lowered for further inspection. Guards are laid out on a grassy surface or a soft drop cloth to prevent any damage while they undergo the cleaning process.

Pre-Cleaning Debris Removal

Before using water, we manually remove any remaining wedged-in vegetation and debris by running our hands across both sides of the guards.

Methodical Cleaning

Every gutter guard that is removed is professionally cleaned on both sides using tools, a pressure washer, or a sponge dipped in soapy water. For complete cleaning, our staff might combine these techniques.

Drying Phase

We ensure the guards are allowed to dry completely before proceeding with the refitting process. This meticulous step guarantees a clean and effective reinstallation.

Refitting and Testing

All the gutter guards are secured back in their place and then tested. We test the water flow by running water through the system using a hose or watering can, ensuring unobstructed flow.

While these steps mentioned above are commonly followed when we clean gutter guards, there are homes that have certain types of gutter guards. These gutter guards may require to be cleaned differently. Here are a few examples:

Brush Gutter Guards

Brush Gutter Guards

Your gutters are best protected by brush gutter guards. They have fitted brushes to keep all the debris out and ensure that your gutters never clog. Brush gutter guards can be cleaned by simply rinsing them off with a hose after clearing away any debris that may have gathered on top of the brushes. If there is any persistent dirt or debris, we use a soft-bristled brush to scrape the brush’s surface gently. The brushes will have to be changed after some time as they begin to wear down and lose their efficacy over time.

Foam Gutter Guards

It is quite easy to clean foam gutter guards. They are simply rinsed thoroughly with a hose or gently scrub any dirt or debris that may have gathered on the surface using a soft-bristled brush. We refrain from utilizing any abrasive or sharp objects as they could harm the foam. The foam may begin to degrade and disintegrate with time, which may impair its effectiveness in shielding your gutters – which may then require replacement.

Mesh Gutter Guards

Mesh gutter guards are also easy to clean. We rinse them with a hose and then scrub away the remaining debris with a soft-bristled brush. We use mild products instead of abrasive ones to guarantee that your gutter guard keeps working as intended. We look for tears or holes; if any, the mesh gutter guard needs to be replaced.

Reverse Curve Gutter Guard

These gutter guards are designed to redirect water into your gutters while keeping the debris out. We remove any gunk on top and rinse them with a hose. If there is any stubborn dirt, then we use a soft-bristled brush and gently scrub it away.

Professional Roof Gutter Guard Maintenance and Replacement

WABO Roofing offers professional roofing services. Call us today to book an appointment with us for all types of roofing jobs.

Professional Roof Gutter Guard Maintenance and Replacement

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