Can You Explain The Difference Between Roof Repair And Restoration?

A home or a dream home is something that we design beautifully, but often, the most important part of a house – the ROOF gets neglected. We just make it but do not maintain it over time. The most basic necessity of the home – the roof that protects you, your family and your belongings needs more attention, care and love.

Our ancestral houses do get a renovation done, but do we take a second to look up to the roof that could become inoperative? It needs some renovation too, i.e.Roof Repair or Roof Restoration.

Roofs Breathe Too!

Roofs Breathe Too

Yes! A roof needs air ventilation, which means the flow of air on the underside of a roof. Roof ventilation helps warm, moist air to escape and cooler air to come out into the attic. Cool roofs reflect ultraviolet rays from the Sun, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Roofs play an aesthetic function, consistent with the entire formal structure of the building. Roof treatment is needed if it gets damaged by a coating of SILICONE for UV protection and resistance to ponding water. They decay much slower than other coatings without becoming brittle or hard.

What is Roof Repair?

Roof Repair- Shagging is perhaps the primary cause why roofs need to be repaired. Due to poor shape, it develops mould and mildew with other major problems so, we need to repair our roof. In most cases, we always opt for repairing anything rather than restoring it. So, we try to repair, but when the worst conditions arise, we understand the need for restoration or roof replacement in a few cases.

Roof Restoration

Let’s understand what it takes to restore your home’s roof!

Roof Restoration – basically means a complete makeover of the entire thing. The damages caused by wind, rain, hail, storm and other factors can be fixed. It is mainly a way to restore the health of the roof back to the status as it was before the damages were inflicted.

A complete makeover of the roof of your house or home involves some necessary roof care such as patching cracked tiles, cleaning, painting and many other tasks as suggested by the roof repairer based on the condition of the roof.

Advantages Of Roof Restoration

Advantages Of Roof Restoration

Restoration extends the beauty of the roof and doesn’t involve a heavy budget. To boost the safety of the house inmates – your family, precious belongings, and lovable pets damaged roofs need to be restored to prevent corrosion due to excessive heat, snow, etc. This is a pocket-friendly option that gives our home an appreciable look from both the outside and inside. After the restoration, we get a roof that is more appealing to the eyes and more protective than before.

Instead of roof replacement that needs a lot of manpower and huge investments that are heavy on your pocket, roof restoration is a better choice in terms of money and well-being of the house.

Steps For Roof Restoration

  • Care full assessment of damaged points on the roof at the first step, scanning every point on the roof for signs of damage.
  • Wash out the roof with the help of high-pressure hose pipes to remove year-long dirt, dust, grime and other harmful elements to observe the damaged points clearly.
  • Now, the damaged or broken sections of the roof are replaced by tiles or metal sheets with the help of special tools.
  • Following that, professionals coat the roof with protective coating chemicals, including waterproofing and thermal insulation, with or without rustproofing based on the need.
  • Last but not to be ignored is the post-job assessment that must be done to check and ensure the current state of the areas on the roof that got a restoration and if any damaged part is missed or not.

When it comes to modern commercial roofing repair, restoration methods have evolved to help commercial roofs regain their former state of wellness at a fraction of the cost.

Determination Of Restoration – Is It Worth It?

Determination Of Restoration

Standardized repair procedures have been perfected and can be expected to help extend a building’s life for many years. An analysis of the state of the roof needs to be done to determine the condition. The examination could include peeling adhesive testing, core cutting, and a visual moisture survey.

The restoration technique is pocket-friendly and an attractive option for many reasons. Restoration eliminates potential issues by easier maintenance and inspection. Sound maintenance practices can help dramatically reduce the likelihood of failure. Restoration work involves using the right supplier of coating and mastics, followed by the expertise of an experienced team and year-long follow-up practices.

Equipment In Use For Roof Restoration

An efficient method depends on a variety of factors, such as-

  • Spray rigs or Airless Sprayer – The most efficient method of applying elastomeric coatings to roof surfaces. Use of hydraulic pump to atomize coating materials. It’s more convenient than paint sprayers.
  • Tank Spreader- It’s becoming an easy and more comfortable choice for roof coating. There are specialized rollers for metal roofs to match specific profiles. It reduces the risk of overspray.
  • Nap Roller- This is perhaps the simplest way to apply coating on damaged rooftops for smaller, isolated roof areas.

Roof Repair / Roof Restoration / Roof Replacement – When And Why?

Roof Repair

Roof restoration is done when natural hazards have affected the rooftops, including moisture, deterioration, corrosion, and damaged gutters. Repairing of roofs is in use for small fixes like small holes or missing shingles. Roof replacement comes to the forefront when there is no other option is left out.

As life needs a break to give a new, smart start, so does our home, along with the most important part, roofs needing to be pulled up or geared up by giving it a beautiful makeover. As an individual, we need to look out for the pros and cons of any option, be it roof repair or restoration, so before choosing any option, we need to check the condition of the roof along with its damages by all means and then consider the most suitable treatment or cure for our saviour ROOFs!

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