Why Rain Water Leaks Into Them?

Roof Valleys – Why Rain Water Leaks Into Them?


What are roof valleys? You may have heard this term before but do not know precisely what it means. A roof valley is a space where 2 sloping roofs meet. This space can be problematic when not correctly installed because rainwater tends to leak into them.


This blog post will discuss why roof valleys leak and how important it is to perform regular maintenance on your roof.

The Roof Valley Problem

Roof valleys are prone to water leaks, which is a severe issue. The leak starts when the valley flashing has not been correctly installed or isn’t there. Amateurs or general contractors are responsible for this sloppy work.


The other primary cause of roof valley leaks is debris accumulated in the valley. These can be leaves, twigs, or even animal nests. When this happens, it’s vital to clean out the debris as soon as possible.

How To Take Proper Care Of Your Roof Valleys

Regular maintenance is key to achieving an effective roofing system. Make sure to have your roof checked by you or a professional twice a year. You can walk the extra mile by starting to pay extra attention to the roof valleys.

Check For Damaged Flashing In Your Roof Valleys

This task is vital; the most prominent sign of a damaged flashing in the roof valleys are water stains on your ceiling. Over time, this can cause structural damage and lead to a very costly repair. If you detect any of these issues, consider contacting a roof leak repair service.

Excess Roof Valley Debris

It’s easy to miss the debris accumulating in the roof valleys of our house. Leaves, twigs, and animal nesting can cause significant problems if not managed on time.


Mold, moss, and other forms of vegetation can arise and create rot and decay beneath the roof’s surface. Ensure you have a clear roof by performing regular cleaning and maintenance.

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