What Are The Parts of a Residential Roof?

Depending on the roofing system and design, some residential roofs may be more complex than others. However, a residential roofing system consists of many different parts to create a safe structure and roof to ensure residential property protection.


Roofs are one of the most important elements of a residential property. Besides protecting the unit from any weather element, it also improves the overall structure protection of a residential property. So to get to know your roofing system, it is important to learn about the different parts that create your residential roof. 


Structural Roof Components


The eave is the horizontal roof edge located underneath the lower roof edge from the fascia to the structure’s outside wall.

Roof Truss

A roof truss is a component that supports the roof decking and structure. Usually, it’s composed of three or more pieces in the shape of a triangle.


The fascia is the board at the end of the rafters at the edge of a roof. It can be made of wood or plastic materials. This part is usually where gutters are hung from.



Usually, the decking is made out of plywood. This roof component reinforces the roof structure for the singles.


The valley, also known as V-cut, is the intersection angle where two sloped parts of a roof meet.


Used to divert water around from the higher side of the chimney.


Rafters are the base of a roof’s structure from the inside of the property. It runs from the peak to the edge of the roof’s structure.


Roofing System Elements

These roofing elements are the ones that protect your roofing system from any weather elements.

Leak Barrier

The leak barrier is a waterproof self-adhered underlayment usually installed from the top of the roof to the eave edge in any exposed area that prevents water leaks.

Strip Shingles

These are the first shingles installed at the eave of a shingle roofing system to improve wind resistance.

Roof Deck Protection

It is also a second layer of protection located between the roof deck and the shingles. Usually is an asphalt-saturated felt or synthetic component to prevent water from infiltrating during heavy wind-driven rain.


Shingles are the primary cover of a roofing system. They are usually made out of asphalt, ceramic coated granules, and fiberglass mats. They are installed in overlapping layers to protect and provide the right water drainage.

Hip and Ridge Cap Shingles

The same shingle roofing element is still designed to be installed in the hip areas of a roof where two planes meet.


Ventilation is an intake and exhaust vents system that provides air to flow into the attic to eliminate excess heat and moisture. 

Build a High-Quality Roofing System With Residential Roofing Experts

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