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Make a smart investment and get your first solar panels with WABO Roofing Systems. We provide the solar energy you’re looking to have for your home. We have licensed staff and decades of experience working in the Greater Houston Area, offering quality solar panels installation. Get to know more about us!

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Get Sustainable and Renewable Solar Energy With Us

Solar electricity is an environmentally beneficial way to power your home or business. There are no direct greenhouse gas emissions because electricity is produced from sunlight instead of burning fossil fuels. You can get this and more benefits when you hire a trustworthy company to do the job for you, using the best products and ethics work, like us.  

With WABO Roofing Systems, you get the best solar technologies on the market. Here’s what you can expect from this unmatched partnership:

  • Excellent software that provides information about your home’s energy production and consumption. Or load control, which allows you to choose what is powered in your home during emergencies.
  • Our customers have experienced a significant cut in their electricity bills. You can cut up to 40% of your electricity costs.  
  • When you work with us, you choose a trusted company that offers high-quality services backed by a guarantee.

5 Reasons Why Getting Solar Panels With Our Help Is Convenient For You:

  • Solar energy is non-polluting and does not cause greenhouse gas emissions after installation.
  • Clean, renewable energy that is available every day of the year, even cloudy days, produces some power.
  • Return on investment as opposed to paying utility bills.
  • Virtually maintenance-free, as solar panels last over 30 years.
  • There are federal grants, tax incentives, and rebate programs to help defray upfront costs.

Trust a Reliable Company Like WABO Roofing Systems for Your Solar Panel Installation

Were unique solar installers, providing an amazing service, solar panels, and solar batteries for homeowners. We pride ourselves on keeping the best customer service and contribute to your switch to cleaner, renewable energy for your home. Know more about our process and get your FREE quote today. 

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