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Here at WABO Roofing Systems, we understand how challenging it can be for property owners to deal with their insurance claims regarding roofing damage. Going through a natural phenomenon can be an awful experience and even worse when you have to deal with your insurance company and roof restoration fees. 


We are a leading roofing company that offers a wide range of professional roofing solutions to property owners. Our professional and reliable WABO Roofing insurance claim assistance will help you prevent any denial and make your insurance claim a successful process.



Why Hire Professional Roofing Contractors For Your Insurance Claim

In most cases, after a property owner called their insurance company, they will send out a team to inspect the unit’s damaged roof. During the inspection process, in most cases, they try to deny your insurance claim due to aging or other pre-existing factors in your roofing system. That’s why at WABO Roofing Systems, we have been proving the real damage caused and streamlining the process for our customers to have a successful claim. 

WABO Roofing Insurance Claim Process

If your insurance claim process is already started, don’t worry, we can still handle the situation. We will send our team experts to inspect your property’s roof and look for those signs of damage to build your case and refute a denied claim if it is the situation. Our team will make sure to include every damage sign into the report to fight for you and get to receive your fund for roof restoration.


We know how to handle an insurance claim process. Suppose it is not going the way we wanted. In that case, we know what comes next to obtain a successful roof restoration from your insurance company as we are a certified, local, and experienced roofing company. 


A Company That Cares About You

“The experience working with WABO Roofing was fantastic from start to finish. Chris Scott walked me through the process and answered all my questions. He ensured that I was kept informed and updated during the process as they worked with my homeowners’ insurance company. WABO Roofing made the project got off to a smooth start” – Homeowner in Houston, TX.


Start today a successful claim process with a professional leading roofing company in Houston, TX. WABO Roofing Systems will make sure your roof restoration is completed and delivered with only the highest quality without compromising your timelines and safety.  



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