Premature Roof Issues: What Constitutes a Material Defect?

In the roofing world, a material defect is an issue that has adverse effects on the performance of the component. When you can’t readily see the issue, it can still be diagnosed as long as there are visible red flags.

Premature Roof Issues: What Constitutes a Material Defect?

Not all problems with your roofing system can be labeled as a material defect. The culprit behind other causes for concern could be the workmanship. Any issue stemming from the natural aging process isn’t a material defect as roofing products are not designed to last forever. They’re bound to decline in quality over time.

If you ask Wabo Roofing Systems, these are the most common indications of material defect:

Shingle Blistering

Blisters happen because there’s trapped moisture within the material. While an extra hot attic could cause them, defects overlooked in the manufacturing stage of asphalt shingles are also accountable. Leading roofing brands go to great lengths to make sure every product that leaves the factory is free from blisters. In fact, GAF diligently performs 4,375 quality checks throughout the shingle-production process.

Why should blisters worry you? Any experienced roof construction company would say that they could dislodge the mineral granules on the surface of asphalt shingles when they pop. These granules serve a two-fold purpose: to protect the substrate from damaging ultraviolet (UV) light and lend visual appeal to the roof. From a structural and aesthetic point of view, losing them too early is a great concern.

Granule Loss

Speaking of the loss of granules, you will know it’s caused by a material defect when only certain shingle batches are affected. After some time after installation, you may notice ladder-patterned balding of asphalt shingles from the street. If you’ve never experienced a hailstorm since having your roof installed, looking for black or white patches is another quick way to hunt for material defects.

Improper storage is the likely cause of severe, premature granule loss. The shingles exposed to the elements start aging faster than those that have remained dry the whole time.

Algae Discoloration

If your asphalt shingles are guaranteed not to develop any discoloration during their first years, they must contain algae-fighting copper, which is released whenever moisture is detected. But when they still develop pronounced stains due to blue-green algae, a little investigation could prove that they have material defects.

Work with a GAF Master Elite® roofer like Wabo Roofing Systems to get superior material (and workmanship) defect protection for your asphalt-shingle roofing system. Call us at (832) 304-2800 to learn about GAF’s wide selection of products and warranties. Schedule your FREE inspection and estimate in Pearland, Houston or any neighboring Texas area now!

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