Roof Slope and Pitch Adjustments

How do You Handle Roof Slope and Pitch Adjustments?

The terms ‘slope’ and ‘pitch’ both describe the angle of your roof. Imagine your roof as a triangle. The ‘slope’ tells you how steep this triangle is. On the other hand, ‘pitch’ is another way to talk about this steepness, but it’s usually measured over a standard width of 12 inches. If that sounds confusing,

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Roof Skylight Repairs or Replacements

Do You Handle Roof Skylight Repairs or Replacements?

Skylights are an excellent addition to home. They are very popular among new homeowners, as they let in natural light while preserving your privacy and saving you money on electricity. From the Woodlands to Pearland, skylights help Houston area homes soak in those 200+ days of sun. What is a skylight exactly? It is a

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Process of Roof Flashing Installation

Can You Explain the Process of Roof Flashing Installation?

Roof flashing is a vital part of roofing systems as it helps maintain a home’s structural integrity and shields it from the harsh elements of weather. Its significance cannot be underestimated as it prevents water intrusion, which can cause significant damage and expensive repairs if left uncontrolled. Houston areas like Alvin may not usually experience

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Roof Moss or Algae Removal

How Do You Handle Roof Moss or Algae Removal?

Moss often grows in places where sunlight doesn’t reach and frequently inhabits areas of the roof that are shaded by trees or ones that face north. As moss grows, it can quickly stick to the roof’s surface, creep beneath, and lift roofing materials while also invading spaces between shingles and tiles. When the shingles are

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Roof Decking Repairs or Replacements

Can You Assist With Roof Decking Repairs or Replacements?

The wooden planks that make up your roof’s framing are known as roof decking. Your roofing shingles and other materials are installed on these boards. Roof decking is essential because a roof needs a solid foundation to support it. When designing a structural roof deck, several factors need to be considered, including thermal performance, fire

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Roof Insulation Installation or Upgrades

Do You Handle Roof Insulation Installation or Upgrades?

Roof insulation helps in preventing the outside heat from penetrating the inside of your home or building. It allows the temperature to be stable and also helps keep unnecessary surrounding sounds from disturbing you in your home. The overall insulation standards require thermal resistance in building structures as it helps lower the energy loss for

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What are the Signs of Roof Rot or Decay

What are the Signs of Roof Rot or Decay?

A rotting roof can cause serious structural problems. Roof rot can compromise the structural strength of your building and, hence, the safety of your family. Rotten roof boards may also increase the risk of mould growth, water damage, and rodent infestation in addition to structural issues. For your roof to last a long time and

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Different Types Of Roof Coatings

Can You Explain The Different Types Of Roof Coatings Available?

Roofs are one of the essentials that keep society running smoothly. While you may not appreciate the importance of a well-maintained roof, you will quickly realize how important roofs are if your roof begins to degrade. However, not every roof requires a complete collapse in order to function improperly, and our roof maintenance services can

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Proper Attic Insulation

What Measures Will You Take To Ensure Proper Attic Insulation?

As a homeowner, you know the importance of a house with good insulation. It keeps you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and saves you money on your energy bill all year round. With the price of natural gas, propane, and home heating oil keeps rising, reducing energy consumption is more crucial than

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Roof Ridge Vent Installation

How Do You Handle Roof Ridge Vent Installation?

Attics and roofs in houses need to “breathe,” much like living things do. Although your roof doesn’t have lungs, it has vents intended to ventilate your attic and house. There should be at least a one-inch space on both sides where the roof decking finishes and the ridge of your roof meets the central ridge

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