4 Benefits of Replacing Both Your Windows and Siding at the Same Time

As you plan to update the appearance of your home’s exterior, the thought of replacing your windows first and then your siding second has certainly crossed your mind. However, you may not be aware of the fact that it also makes perfect sense to replace both of them within a single project timeline.

Windows and Siding

Replacing your windows and siding together can provide long-term value for your home and help revitalize its aesthetics. Here are the four benefits of this project:

  1. The Best Possible Outcome Is Achieved

Focusing on just one thing is never a good look at all. If you only choose to replace your windows, you will stay have your old, dilapidated siding. When you replace both of them, you ensure that everything is the same in terms of style and color combination. This will further increase your curb appeal. Also, you obtain the result that you desire for your property.

  1. Installing Both Is More Ideal

When you choose to have the siding replaced first before the windows, the capping could get damaged. Go for window replacement first, and your siding may be cut off to make way for the capping. Replacing both your windows and siding is more ideal as this allows the contractor to set the capping around where the replacement windows will be before the new siding is put into place.

  1. New Windows and Siding Improves Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

It doesn’t make any sense to have your energy-efficient windows installed while your old siding lets air and moisture inside the house. Indeed, replacing both increases your home’s energy profile. Both of them work together to ensure that your interior is well-insulated, which can contribute to the significant decrease in your energy bill.

  1. Only One Contractor Works on the Project

You do not have to deal with two different contractors to work on your windows and siding. Contractors like Wabo Roofing can offer other home improvement services, including window and siding installations. Doing so saves you a lot of money and mitigates future problems.

A window and siding replacement project must be carefully planned. To help you with this, give us a call at (832) 304-2800, or fill out our contact form. We serve many areas in Texas, including Houston and Pearland, TX.

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