Why Slate Roofs Fail Prematurely

Slate tiles are one of the strongest roofing materials on the market that you can consider. According to experts, it’s one of the few that can last for a hundred years or more if well maintained. Unfortunately, there are also some instances when your slate roof can fail earlier than expected.

Choosing the Wrong Flashing

The flashing is an important part of your roof as it protects the vulnerable parts of the roofing system from water infiltration. As the slate roof is a long-lasting material, it makes sense that you choose a long-lasting flashing to go along with it as well. Unfortunately, some homeowners tend to make the mistake of using stainless steel or aluminum flashing, which can erode and fail long before your slate tiles will, leaving the roof vulnerable to leaks. Therefore, when installing a flashing on your slate roof, make sure that you install a copper flashing as it tends to last longer than aluminum and steel.

Walking Over the Tiles

Slate tiles are usually immune to moisture unless the crack. However, experts say that the only way a slate tile can be cracked is if you walk over the roof. This is a mistake that rookie roofers tend to make so be sure only hire a roof construction company.

Using Poor Quality Nails

When installing a slate roof in your home, it’s vital that you only use quality materials. This includes the nails used to attach the material to the roof deck. According to pros, another reason why slate tiles fail is because roofers use poor quality nails, which can deteriorate long before the slate tiles can. Once this happens, the tiles won’t have anything to hold them in place, which in turn can cause them to fall from the roof. With that in mind, when you’re having a contractor install slate tiles in your home, make sure that they use nothing but heavy-gauge, galvanized roofing nails to get the job done.

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