Why Is Metal Roofing Ideal for Extreme Climates?

Metal roofing is increasingly becoming the top roofing system in states affected by extreme climates. Here’s what makes metal roofs ideal for extreme climates.

Metal Roofs Don’t Retain Heat

Metal is a conductive material. Thanks to its low thermal mass, it doesn’t stay hot even after hours of exposure to the sun. Combined with proper insulation under the metal layer, it quickly becomes cool by the time the sun is out. In contrast, other roofing materials retain heat, which means they stay warm hours after sunset. Instead of radiating outwards, this radiates into the attic and indoor living spaces. The additional heat results in higher indoor cooling requirements. Metal roofs release heat quickly and help you save on your utility bills.

It Works With Various Types of Roof Coatings

You may already have heard from your roofer about “cool roofs,” or roofs with reflective capabilities. The reflective outer surface blocks solar heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays, which helps keep the roof cool. White and light-colored spaces are best for this purpose, but there are roof coatings that enhance reflectivity regardless of roof color. This gives commercial property owners the option to choose any roof color, particularly if their branding requires color-coordinated exteriors.

Metal roofs are ideal for roof coatings. Whether you’re using paint or a thick roof coating, its smooth surface allows even coverage and subsequent touch-ups. If you wish to make your metal roof more reflective, you don’t have to have the roof replaced.

It’s Low Maintenance

Roofs generally require periodic maintenance, but metal roofs require much less than an average roofing system. Considering that metal roofs have generally long lifespans, a single installation gets you the best value, regardless of local climatic conditions. It also helps you save on installation and repair costs over its lifetime.

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