What Comprises a Good Metal Roof Installation?

Metal is one of today’s most popular residential and commercial roof replacement options. This material comes in a wide range of colors, textures and styles. It’s also known for its long lifespan, durability and sustainability. 

Here’s what makes for a good metal roof installation. 

Proper Metal Roof Installation

Metal roofs are made up of metal panels that are secured to the structural components with fasteners or clips. These clips are attached to pre-punched holes, which ensure proper alignment. They also allow the panels to move without damaging the system. 

For efficient installation, the panels should be the maximum length to minimize end laps. The ends of the panels should overlap the adjoining panel by at least six inches. They should be secured together with a reinforcing plate, top panel strap and manufacturer-approved sealant. Your roofer may not secure the panels to the structure at the said points for panel movement. Batten and fill insulation is applied underneath or at the interior of the panels. It is then attached directly to the panels. Some manufacturers offer composite panels that sandwich insulation between two panels.

Why Slope Matters

Proper slope is essential to the success of metal roof installation. The material itself does not offer sufficient waterproofing protection. Moreover, the weatherproofing properties of this material are limited in low-slope applications. You can encounter serious roofing problems when your system doesn’t shed water properly. Pooling water will eventually find its way into openings at fastener points, seams and penetrations. Metal roofing lasts longer and stays more efficient in steep-slope applications.

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