WABO Roofing Systems Warranties and What They Cover

As a homeowner, you expect warranties when you buy a new roof or get a new siding. Warranties can go a long way for homeowners. For example, if your roof is damaged unexpectedly, you can get it replaced without paying for anything. That is why we offer warranties depending on the product you choose.

In this post, WABO Roofing Systems discusses the different types of warranties we offer and what those warranties cover.

CertainTeed® Limited Lifetime Warranty

The CertainTeed® Limited Lifetime Warranty is for the CertainTeed Landmark® and Landmark Max Def products offered by WABO Roofing. It has a 10-year non-prorated warranty period, which covers 100% of manufacturing defects, from materials to the roof construction company labor since they affect performance and aesthetic. It also comes with an algae-resistant warranty and a standard wind warranty.

GAF Base System Warranty

This is a limited GAF Warranty that has a 10-year 100% coverage period. It covers the shingles, roofing system and the cost of installation labor. However, it doesn’t include any workmanship coverage.

GAF Better System Warranty

The GAF Better System Warranty has a 100% coverage period for 50 years, with only 20 years applicable for three-tab shingles. The entire roofing system is covered by this warranty as well as a lifetime cost of installation labor. Unlike the Base System Warranty, this comes with workmanship coverage, which includes a 2-year, 100% coverage period, 2-year coverage of misapplication of certain flashings and coverage of tear-off costs for material defects.

GAF Even Better System Warranty

The GAF Even Better System Warranty’s material defect coverage is the same as the Better System Warranty’s. Its workmanship coverage is improved with a 10-year, 100% coverage period provided and backed by GAF itself. Likewise, it’s installer-certified and covers tear-off costs and disposal costs for manufacturing defects or misapplication.

GAF Best System Warranty

The GAF Best System Warranty follows in the footsteps of the previous two warranties in terms of material defect coverage. However, this time around its workmanship coverage now includes a 25- to 30-year, 100% coverage period provided and backed by GAF, and is still installer-certified and includes the tear-off and disposal costs for manufacturing defects or misapplication.

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