Top 3 Challenges When Reroofing a High-Rise Building

Replacing a roofing system is not an easy task, let alone a high-rise building. Just imagine all the work it requires to manage the operation of the building while its roof is being replaced. Add this to the risk management and code restrictions involved with accomplishing the project. 

During the re-roofing of buildings, property managers encounter a lot of problems. They have to supervise the operation of the project to ensure that everything is working perfectly. From start to finish, they have to try and minimize the losses in time and money. It pays for building managers to pick the right roof construction company for the project. 

Here are the three challenges that most property and building managers experience during the reroofing of a high-rise building. 

1. Reducing Disturbances

One of the most stressful parts of re-roofing a high-rise building is reducing the disturbances that the construction is causing. The re-roofing process requires extensive work that causes disturbances for the tenants and surrounding community or offices. 

As a property and building manager, you are responsible for explaining the schedule of the reroofing to the people around the area. You should also show your commitment to reducing the noise as much as possible. To do this, you can try scheduling the reroofing outside of normal business hours. 

2. Addressing Safety Concerns

Property managers are responsible for the dissemination of information among the tenants and neighboring establishments. During the tear-off process, warn the tenants about the potential safety concern without causing panic. When installing replacement windows, warn the occupants of the floors that might be affected about falling debris or materials. 

Thoroughly explain the details of the health and safety protocols to everyone. This will also give the tenants the opportunity to raise their concerns during your interaction. Before using potentially harmful chemicals that release fumes or odors, you should warn the tenants about it. Post visual aids and posters around the building to provide enough information about the ongoing work to reinforce the dissemination of information. 

3. Meeting the Deadline

Keeping the timeline in check is also one of the challenges in the reroofing process. But in order to accomplish a smooth reroofing project, property managers should keep track of the tasks every day. Try asking the construction company about their estimated timeline for the project, accounting for all the roadblocks and additional work that may arise. Ensure that there are enough workers to accelerate the progress of the project.  

Need Expert Help? 

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