Things You Should Expect During Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is one of the least inconvenient home improvements there is. On average, removal the old roof and installation of new asphalt shingles could take only a week, which is fast for a major project. That said, you should still set your expectations to experience less stress from start to finish.

Things You Should Expect During Roof Replacement

If you ask WABO Roofing Systems, here are some of the things you should expect during roof replacement:

Roofer Validation

Much like in roof repair jobs, a replacement project requires that you hire the right contractor. Every contractor would put their best foot forward, but don’t take their word for it. Review BBB ratings and Google reviews to ensure every claim your prospective roofer makes is correct.


The estimate is the shortened version of the contract. There’s no universal format for estimates, and they vary among contractors. Generally, your estimate should at least spell out the cost of labor, materials and necessary permits.

Permit Application

There’s a great chance that your local government would require you to pull a permit to get the green light to proceed with a roof replacement. The application may take some time to process, so consider it when scheduling your project.


Even the most organized and efficient roofers can’t keep your roofing project from becoming messy and loud to some extent. Unless nobody is at home during construction, consider setting up temporary accommodations until the work is done.

Unforeseen Damage

It’s not uncommon to uncover structural problems with the roof deck when the removal of materials begins. After all, it’s extremely difficult to evaluate its health without tearing its covering off first. To be financially prepared and avoid delays, any experienced roofer would advise you to have a contingency budget of around 20% of the total cost.

Let WABO Roofing Systems help you plan your next roof replacement project and keep it smooth sailing from beginning to end. Call us at (832) 304-2800 today for your FREE estimate in Cypress or Houston, TX.

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