The Least Expensive Types of Roofing Materials

It’s wintertime, and you’re cozied up in your blanket, wearing your favorite socks while sipping on some hot chocolate. Suddenly, you hear the faint sound of thunder out in the distance, and next thing you know, the rain is pouring, and a few leaks start appearing on your ceiling. 

It’s essential to take care of your roof. After all, it is one of the most important aspects of your home. Your roof protects you against heat, cold, rain, dust, and many other elements. Neglecting your roof’s maintenance could end up costing you a lot and might even harm the inside of your house. That’s why you should choose the right kind of roofing for your home.

Here are some of the most cost-effective roofing materials to choose from.

The Popular Choice: Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt roofs are considered among the least expensive materials available on the market today; they will not cost you much and depending on where you live. On average, asphalt roofs have a lifespan of around 25 years. 

Asphalt roofing materials are also made from a mix of bitumen and gravel, which makes for excellent attic insulation. Making asphalt one of the most popular choices for roofing amongst home and business owners


Wood is a great and inexpensive material to use when making roofs that will last for decades; they also last longer than asphalt roofs. Depending on the roof type, roofs built from wood tend to last about 25 – 30 years and up to 40 years, when well maintained.

Like asphalt, Wooden roofs make for a great attic insulator; you just need to make sure the roofing contractor has experience working with this specific type of roofing. Otherwise, you risk the chance of your roof rotting or breaking.


Slate roofs are made from blocks of slate that have been set in cement. They’re not very expensive and can reduce exterior noise pollution by 50%. They’re also resistant to hail and fire and can last up to 40 years, with little maintenance.

However, since they are made out of cement, they tend to be on the heavy side. The structure under it must be able to hold the weight of the roof, so an experienced roofer is recommended.


Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular; they’re easy to maintain since you only have to clean them every now and then. They also come in many different colors to match any exterior décor but have a longer installation process.

Also, depending on the type of metal used for your roof, it will either be resistant or immune against fire; other metals are resistant to corrosion and rust. Roofs made out of metal usually last between 50 – 100 years before needing any form of repair or replacement. They also require very low maintenance.

The Best Choice

These are all great and cost-effective roofing materials. However, the best choice is the choice you think is the right one for your home. Whether you live in a cold region prone to hail or live out near a highway and want to reduce all that traffic noise, we at WABO Roofing Systems can answer any of your questions. 

With over 5 years of experience, we have made sure to become a prominent figure in Texas while keeping integrity as one of our core values, which establishes trust between us and our clients and gives us a competitive advantage. If you’re still unsure which type of roofing is best for you, just give us a call.

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