Storm Damage In Houston, TX

Every season brings challenges, which sometimes means dealing with storm damage to your roofing system. At WABO Roofing, we understand that Houston homeowners often have to confront nature’s fury.

If you own a property in Houston, TX, our storm damage and restoration services are designed for you. We’re dedicated to providing the comfort and satisfaction you deserve.

We’re among the best storm damage roof repair companies. Don’t hesitate and hire our storm damage repair services.



We Answer Your Most Common Questions

At Wabo Roofing System, our clients might have questions regarding the storm damage in their roofing. Here, we answer your most common questions.

What Types Of Weather Damage The Roof?

Heavy rains can cause roofs to leak. Leaks can lead to water damage inside your home or building.

  1. Strong Winds

Strong winds can damage shingles and other parts of your roof. This can lead to leaks and water damage.

  1. Hail Can Crack Or Break Shingles.

When hailstones hit your roof, they can break or crack shingles.

  1. Snow And Ice

It can weigh down your roof, causing it to collapse. This is especially dangerous in new construction homes and buildings where the top may not be as sturdy as in an older home or building.

Our Variety Of Services For You

  • Roof Repair

We will not only arrive at your home quickly to prevent additional damage but also repair the issue efficiently, improving your house.

  • Siding Repair

If you’re based in or around Houston, TX, and are looking to improve your home’s exterior, our team can help. With years of experience in siding installation, we’ll be able to give you the results you want.

  • Gutter Cleaning

Our company prides itself on providing only the best gutter services. Our team of experts uses certified and premium materials for every repair, installation, and replacement job. Plus, we offer a wide range of styles and colors to choose from so you can find the perfect match for your home.

  • Installation

At our company, we want nothing more than to give you the best possible service–existing and future clients alike. You can always trust that your property is safe with us and get what you desire in terms of results.

Why Do We Stand Out From The Rest?

  • Quality And Expertise

After a storm hits, our experienced team ensures your safety and repairs immediately. We will then inspect all of the damage and take note of it.

When you work with our team of roofing, windows, and siding experts, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible products and services.

  • Insurance Claim

WABO Roofing is aware of the ins and outs of storm damage. It provides professional assistance to ensure you’re fairly compensated for repairs. We know what information insurance companies require, so we can help you file your claim quickly and easily.

Let Us Handle Your Project, Hire Us

If you’re in the greater Houston Area, hire our services at Wabo Roofing System. Our Houston storm damage services are designed to help you repair and restore your home or business quickly, easily, and affordably.

Get in touch with us today to request a proposal. We’ll be happy to answer any questions about our services.



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