Roof Shrinkage and How to Prevent It

Roof shrinkage is something that not many home- or business owners have encountered, but it is a serious issue.

Roof Shrinkage and How to Prevent It

In today’s post, WABO Roofing Systems, your top roofing and siding company, introduces the concept of roof shrinkage and what you can do about it.

Roof Shrinkage

Roof shrinkage refers to the shrinking of the membrane that covers or coats the roofing material. These are typically EPDM or modified bitumen membranes. These types of membranes protect the material from extreme temperatures or weather conditions, and serve as protection from objects that could puncture the roof.

In time, however, these membranes are prone to shrinking. This is caused by the aging of the material, poor installation and ultraviolet (UV) exposure. The main problem with roof shrinking is that it pulls the flashing at curbs, penetrations and walls, which eventually causes cracks and splits. In turn, this leads to moisture entry, leading to leaks.

What You Can Do

Despite EPDM and modified bitumen roofs’ proneness to shrinking, there are still ways on how we can prevent it. It is important to hire a roof construction company with expertise in the installation EPDM or modified bitumen roofs. At WABO Roofing Systems, we do a thorough and detailed evaluation of your roofing system before installing it. Our team knows exactly how to handle and install any type of material to prevent your roof from shrinking. Plus, we offer a wide variety of services, not only in the installation of your roofing system, but also in making the exterior of your home even more appealing.

You can give us a call at (832) 304-2800 or complete our contact form today to request an estimate. We serve Houston and Pearland, TX.

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