Key Questions You Should Ask During a Roofing Inspection

A commercial roofing inspection conducted by your commercial roofer is an opportunity for you to glean insight about your roof. Today, we talk about the questions you should ask your roofer during a roof inspection.

On Which Parts of the Roof Will You Focus?

A standard commercial roofing inspection follows a strict set of inspection points to ensure completeness. Vulnerable areas receive more attention as these parts are more likely to develop problems. Ask your roofer to point out these areas. It will help you recognize potential problems and may help you anticipate bigger ones.

With What Types of Roofing Systems Do You Have Experience?

Contractors offer various services: roofing, HVAC and replacement windows among them. It’s not uncommon for a contractor to specialize in certain types of roofing systems. You need a roofer that has more than just a passing experience with your property’s roofing type; otherwise, there may be a risk of the roofer overlooking critical signs.

What Is Your Protocol in Case We Need Emergency Assistance?

Different roofer have different protocols when it comes to handling roofing emergencies. Typical situations that call for emergency services include leak repairs, emergency roof covering and damage documentation for filing insurance claims. Ask the roofing contractor if there is a dedicated emergency line, what times the roofers can be reached and their average response time. It’s important for a contractor to set your expectations so you know what to expect.

How Do You Document the Inspection and Service History?

Properly documented inspections are essential not just for record-keeping purposes, but also for mapping out your roof maintenance plan for the next few years. You can, for example, estimate when your roof will require a replacement by conducting an annual review of inspection records. This can help you minimize business disruptions by planning roof replacements well ahead of time and coordinating them with your building’s occupants.

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