Ideal Conditions for Applying Roof Coatings

When applied properly, silicone-based protective roof coatings can greatly improve your roof’s performance while also enhancing its looks. Today, our roofing, siding and replacement windows experts talk about the ideal conditions that make sure the coating is applied properly.

Ideal Conditions for Applying Roof Coatings

Time of Day – Afternoon

For most certain types of roof coatings, experts recommend applying it during a sunny afternoon. This is because the roof has already warmed up enough to the point that applying an even coat is relatively easy without the substance being too runny. At this time of the day, the ambient temperature is somewhere around 40 to 120 degrees

Weather – Sunny

This one’s pretty straightforward; even the best roof construction company will have problems applying your roof’s coating properly if it suddenly rains during the application process. If you want a more consistent application and curing process, make sure you schedule the application during days when rain isn’t expected for the next week.

Season – Summer

Aside from having fewer rainy days, summer season also has longer days than nights. This is important when it comes to leaving enough time for the coating to cure properly. Trying to do the same thing during fall or winter could cause delays in the curing process and cost you more in the long run.

Wind – Minimal

This factor doesn’t directly affect the application or curing process, but you still want to have the coating applied during non-windy days for two reasons. First, you want to keep the wind from blowing debris on the coating as it cures. Next, applying the coat during a non-windy day prevents the coating itself from splattering down your home’s siding or windows.

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