How Long Does A Roof Repair Last?

The estimated time that roof repairs can take depends on many factors or variables. Some of them are factors that neither the homeowner or the roofer can control such as weather, while others are related to the type of damage, type of roof and material, the number of times that the roof has been manipulated, and even the client’s budget.

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Type Of Roof

Everything comes down to the type of roof you have at home – especially if you’re from Houston, considering all the weather conditions. 


  • Tile shingles, copper, and slate can last more than 50 years. 
  • Wood shake shingles only last around 30 years.
  • Fiber concrete shingles last around 25 years. 
  • Lastly, black-top shingles last approximately 20 years. 


It is vital to remember the impact of environmental and climate conditions, such as snow, hail, and tropical storms, which can affect your roof’s condition and therefore diminish its life. 


How Much Do Roofs Last?

Roof repairs ultimately depend on the type of roof you have, the shingle, and the work quality. Most roofs last up to 40 years, and companies give 50 years warranty; others do not. Asking a provider might be more helpful.



The life expectancy of a roof depends upon the maintenance you provide to your roof. To provide your roof with maintenance, regardless of the shingles you have, means getting professionals to estimate its damage and where the maintenance must be done. Plus, experts get to tell you how much longer you need until you get another roof maintenance. 



Repairs go hand in hand with the maintenance you provide them. For example, repairs depend on the damage your shingles have. The best ideal opportunity to start a repair is when greenery, a hole, or shingles are breaking. Repairing roofing likewise relies upon the sort of shingle you have, the sort of material utilized, and the support you give your roofing.


Hire Roofing Experts in Roof Repair

No matter the type of roof you have or how damaged your roof is, the best way to solve your roofing problems fast is by hiring the right contractor.  If you’re from Houston and think your roof needs a repair immediately, contact WABO Roofing Systems and our team will make sure to repair your roof properly and bring it back to life to keep protecting your house!



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