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Storms can be simple rain or actually cause damage to your roof in a variety of ways. During a storm, you can expect hail, high winds, driving rain, and debris. Falling debris and hail can damage shingles, while high winds can tear shingles off the roof. Heavy rains, on the other hand, can cause water to pool, creating or worsening leaks.

At WABO Roofing Systems, we know the damage can escalate into serious problems if not repaired soon. Call on a professional exterior contractor in Austin, TX, like us, to assist after a heavy storm and get your roof back to like-new condition. 



We Repair Any Roof or Gutter Issue

Wind Damage to Roofs

A hurricane, tornado, or even a severe thunderstorm can cause wind damage to a roof. Wind can damage a roof in two ways. Winds can loosen shingles, leaving them prone to cracking, or they can tear off several shingles leaving bare areas. At WABO Roofing, we make sure to cover the uncovered area with new shingles and maintain the rest of your roof. 

Hail Damage to Your Roof

Hail damage usually looks like chip marks or small dimples in the shingles. Hail can also break pieces of shingle or shingle around the edges of the shingle or shingle. 

After a storm, we make it our priority to be thorough and check all aspects of your roof, including the following

  • Missing, cracked, or curled shingles
  • Granule buildup in the gutters
  • Rot and mildew
  • Cracks, tears, or bubbles/wrinkles on the surface


WABO Is Always On Your Sid(ing)

Trust that we aim to do provide with great customer experience and an excellent completion of your siding project. We know how impotant siding is. A well done siding project can:

  • Improve your home appearance
  • Increase home value
  • Promotes energy-efficiency and temperature control


Don’t Forget About Our Solar Panel Installation Service

Installing solar panels is not only beneficial to the environment. Solar panels allow you to save money in the future and increases your home’s value. This growing trend is the best of both worlds. Increase your property value while helping the environment. 

We are not your regular solar panel company, we know everything about roofs. We know how to best help you invest your money and spot areas of opportunities. Knowing this, when we recommend solar panel installations on yoour home, do not pass on the opportunity!

WABO Roofing Systems – The Leading Exterior Contractor in Austin, TX

Better safe than sorry! Avoid long-term roof damage or a major problem by taking action. Trust experts like WABO Roofing to repair and maintain your roof. Give us a call or contact us. 


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