Clay vs. Ceramic Tiles: Which Should You Choose?

People are now more interested than ever in using tile shingles for their roof replacement project. Getting a tile roof is costly, but it is also a worthwhile investment because tile shingles last longer and perform better under harsh weather conditions more than any other roofing material.

Clay vs. Ceramic Tiles: Which Should You Choose?

The question is then: which tile material should you get? The two most commonly used tile shingles are clay and ceramic. While they share a common source, they each have their own characteristics that set them apart from the rest.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are more rustic in appearance; they add a Spanish vibe to any home. Clay tiles are also more durable because of their compact construction. One of their key features, however, is their cost-effectiveness since they can be easily replaced.

Clay tiles, however, are among the heaviest, and any roofer would advise homeowners to verify whether their roof deck is capable of carrying a clay tile roof’s extra weight. This same weight, however, allows clay tiles to resist blow-offs and strong winds better.

Ceramic Tiles

On the other hand, ceramic tiles have a wider indoor and outdoor application advantage because of their easy maintenance and installation. They are also more versatile due to their larger range of shapes and colors.

Ceramic tiles also have innate fire and water resistance, although they still need periodic roof repair and maintenance. While they are more susceptible to stains, clay tiles can also have the same issue if left neglected.

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