A Quick Look at Flat Roof Inspection

Regular inspections are essential for preventing leaks and other problems that can compromise your flat roof’s ability to function. However, simply taking a quick look at the roof won’t do. Here’s a quick guide to how a proper flat roof inspection is performed by our roof repair experts.

A Quick Look at Flat Roof Inspection

The Roof Penetrations

One of the first things that have to be checked on a flat roof is the flashing around the penetrations, such as the chimney or vent boot. While flat roofs still do a great job at keeping water from getting through, small gaps in the flashing can serve as passage for water runoff. Common problems spotted along the flashing are cracks on sealants and warped flashing strips.

Looking Vertical Angles

Flat roofs still have vertical areas, usually located along the edges or right before the flashing. These areas can also be prone to leaks since water coming from the top can fall on the wrong side of the roof layer. Our roof replacement experts are properly trained to check for even the smallest signs of damage in vertical roof areas.

Along the Edges

Even non-horizontal edges of the roof have to be checked for damage. The perimeter edge flashing can lose its watertight seal after years of being constantly exposed to the elements. Because pulling on the roof lining can cause the seal to give way, this should only be done by a trained expert.

Near the Door

Properties with a door that opens straight to the flat roof’s surface is a well-known “problem hotspot”. A trained roofer can check the door threshold transition to see if the caulking or sealant is watertight. The area directly in front of the door should also be checked since that is the part that is most exposed to foot traffic.

Have your flat roof checked by the best in the area. WABO Roofing Systems is the leading roofing company in Cypress and Houston, TX. Give us a call at (832) 304-2800, or fill out this contact form to request a free inspection.

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