6 Common Mistakes That Your Roofer Should Avoid

Proper installation of a residential roof means that the resulting roof should last a long time. However, many common roofing installation mistakes are made. If your contractor is not careful, these can weaken and damage your structure and cause magnitude damage.


Discovering them now can help your roof serve you better and more effectively. Find out what these common roofing mistakes are.

  • Infrequent Maintenance

The roof should be kept in good condition. At least an annual cleaning and inspection is recommended. This can help you detect leaks and cracks early and make any necessary small repairs to the roof before it is too late.

  • Not Checking the Roof for Leaks

Water damage is the first noticeable issue. This can slowly degrade the interior and structure of your home. Check out for leaks before they start damaging your home. Look for dark spots and water pooling on the interior as indicators.

  • Failure to Repair Flashing Damage

If water damage is destructive, flashing is the shield that keeps it at bay. The metal sheets protect your intersections and potential leakage areas from moisture and rain. When you neglect this check, you can cause serious roof problems. 

  • Not Replacing Broken or Missing Shingles

Shingles are your roof’s first line of defense and are supposed to last for years. However, anything from weather to debris can damage them. If you don’t regularly check their optimal condition, they may eventually need a complete rebuild. 

  • Poor Ventilation

Summer or cold season can damage a poorly ventilated roof, causing a contract and expand effect, which will weaken your shingles. It can also be detrimental to your home’s energy efficiency. 

  • Use of Low-Quality Materials

Tiles and their components are varied and should be used according to the architecture of your home and its needs. When the contractor uses low-quality materials, it decreases the service life of your roof and is more prone to damage quickly. 


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