5 Ways to Keep Your Roof Replacement Stress-Free

A roof replacement project can be stressful, and it is easy to lose track if it’s not planned properly. Roof construction company WABO Roofing lists the ways you can reduce the stress associated with roof replacement and ensure its success.

5 Ways to Keep Your Roof Replacement Stress-Free

  1. Plan Ahead — Planning your remodeling projects ahead of time can help you get a clear overview of the tasks and anticipate potential problems. It also gives you time to research details, such as your home’s architectural style, roofing products and color combinations. All of these will be helpful in making informed decisions when it’s time to consult with a contractor.

  1. Keep a Project Journal — Large-scale remodeling projects like a roof replacement will create a lot of paperwork. In addition to written quotes, warranty paperwork and permits, you might also have clippings, sketches and color samples. Keep them organized by putting them in a sturdy folder or envelope, which makes related paperwork easy to find. Keep a separate journal for other projects, such as siding or window replacement.

  1. Finalize the Installation Date as Soon as Possible — Spring and summer are usually busy seasons for contractors, so securing your installation date early on can help you plan and prepare for the roof installation date. You can make arrangements for your family to stay at relative’s house or book hotel rooms for the duration of the roof installation.

  1. Spread Preparations Across Several Days — As the installation day approaches, spread out your preparations across several days instead of cramming them into the last two days or so. Start putting dust covers on items you don’t immediately need, assign lanes inside the house, and move valuables and breakables out of the way. By doing this, less preparatory work will be needed on the last few days before installation.

  1. Prepare a Contingency Budget — Hidden roofing problems, such as moisture damage on the roof deck, are not found until well into the middle of the project. Repair costs are often not included in the contract cost so it’s best that you’re prepared for such repairs. A contingency budget equal to 10% to 20% of the project cost is usually enough.

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