5 Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

As a homeowner, you want to protect your home and save as much money as possible by avoiding unnecessary repairs. With the winter season ahead, winterizing your home becomes the new priority, primarily by protecting your roof from the harsh weather conditions ahead. Guarantee a warm and comfortable home by following these five essential roof maintenance tips.

Trim Nearby Trees

Most roof damage happens when nearby trees’ branches fall directly on your roof due to high winds or winter snow. Stay one step ahead by trimming the branches for any trees surrounding your roof. It’s best to hire a professional to take care of this task, as most branches may be too far to reach and could lead to an accident.

Clean Your Gutters

Though sometimes overlooked, clean gutters are essential to a well-functioning roof. Since they are in charge of preventing clogs and ensuring proper drainage, a well-maintained gutter will prevent destructive ice dams from forming on your roof during the winter season. With the appropriate safety precautions, cleaning your gutters is a DIY project you can tackle on a Sunday afternoon.

Add New Caulking

Caulk is a sheet metal applied to any joint where a wall meets your roof. It’s usually placed around vent pipes, chimneys, and counter-flashing to waterproof the joints. In the coldest months, old caulking can crack or split, leading to water damage. It’s best to remove any old caulking and replace it with a new one before the winter season rolls in to protect your home.

To remove the old caulking, use a screwdriver to scrape it carefully. Be sure not to puncture the roofing membrane below. If you feel insecure about the task, you can always contact a professional to take care of it.

Get a Roof Rake

If you don’t already own one, buy a roof rake to remove snow from your roof quickly. For best results, you should rake your roof after every six inches of snowfall. Raking your roof will allow the melted snow to fall off easily. 

If you’re planning on doing it yourself, watch out for icicles or loose shingles. Otherwise, a roofing company can always get the task done.

Repair Broken Shingles

Broken or loose shingles expose your home to leaks and water damage. Protect your home this winter season by replacing any damaged shingles. If there are only a few shingles to take care of, you can easily replace them yourself. However, if several areas need fixing, working on your roof can be dangerous, so calling a professional roof maintenance company is the best way to go. 

Hire a Professional Roof Maintenance Company

At WABO Roofing Systems, we provide professional roof maintenance and repair services in Houston, TX. Our team is fully trained, licensed, and certified to work on asphalt, Spanish tile, tile slate, and metal roofs. We offer free inspections for all our services. Call (855) 557-6634 now.


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